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Let it go, Let it go!

No, it’s not another post about FROZEN (well, except for the title…)  but celebrating that Spring is FINALLY here!

(p.s. I’m totally writing this post like 2 weeks in advance of this date – declaring in faith that the snow and winter will be over!)

But here’s the last recap of winter and fun outside and with daddy…

Remember my post about A Glimpse of Heaven?!  Well, not even 20 hours later the deck looked like this:

Snow and March 001Winter wonderland 🙂

So instead of playing on the deck, Mylin created a fort under our dining room table:   Snow and March 020 Snow and March 019

She gets her creativity from this guy:

 February and airplane 052Who does cool things like build snowmen in the dark…February and airplane 003 February and airplane 002And leave surprise elaborate pictures for them at the breakfast table:February and airplane 009

Hopefully our outdoor pictures will NOW be of strollers and walks, mud puddles and rainboots, sunshine and swings 🙂



Daddy-daughter campout with our neighbors, Michael and Bailey:

summer 2013 042 summer 2013 043

Smores… summer 2013 045 summer 2013 046 summer 2013 047

Learning to play Bocce Ball summer 2013 048

Hot chocolate by the fire summer 2013 050

And swinging in the almost-dark summer 2013 054

After going to bed a few hours after their normal bedtime and waking up with the sun…the little-bit-tired girls LOVED their special date with their daddy’s (in fact, when I went into the tent to kiss Mylin goodnight, I was promptly told to get out, it was her special time with daddy…)

summer 2013 056 summer 2013 057

After a big breakfast and showers to get the campfire stink (mostly) off, we all decided we couldn’t wait to do it again next summer!

Parenting a toddler…

I love having a toddler
Part of me wishes that I would be blessed with a child in this stage for the rest of my life!
It is so joyful, unexpected, surprising, and funny!

It is a lot of hard things too:
Like constant (feels like it…) discipline
Deciphering of words/sentences/demands…
Taking away her pacifier and going through the crying it out to sleep again…(which, by the way, we started on Tuesday night and she has adjusted in 3 short days!!!!!!!!!! YAY!)
Teaching her everything…how to share, how to ask nicely, how to pray, when to be quiet, when to sit down…the list goes on!

We love the anticipation of seeing how her personality develops!
I am so anxious to watch how her heart will grow for the Lord, how she will make and treat her friends, what her desires and passions will become, and what she will be like as a big sister!

The best part of parenting a toddler right now?!
How she keeps us smiling, laughing, and mimicking her all day long with these awesome expressions and faces!

SERIOUSLY. She is the best thing EVER
What is your favorite stage to parent?!

Mylin at 18 months

On Christmas Mylin ‘turned’ 18 months!
Time for another photo shoot, don’t you think?!
Enjoy these adorable glimpses into her fun little life 🙂

(little poser!)

(sad princess…)

(This is my favorite one!)

Thanks Connelly Photography, again, for the amazing capture of our Little Miss’ sweet and silly personality

Birthday boy!

Happy 28th Birthday, Joel!
You are such a blessing to Mylin and me!
I don’t know why God chose you for us, but am thankful every day for His provision!
You are such a calm, patient, silly, and loving father
An attentive, understanding, forgiving, and hilarious husband
And a selfless, giving servant to our family, friends, and faith community
I love you so much!!!!!!
Thanks for teaching Mylin how to color 🙂
Make sure to wish Joel a Happy Birthday today!

Worst weekend or Mini vacation?

So this past weekend I was ‘sick’
I don’t know what was going on…pretty sure it wasn’t the flu, but it definitely kept me from doing anything for 48 hours

It all started Friday when Joel surprised me by coming home early to go with my to our doctor’s appointment for the baby!
We then went out to eat at Logan’s and to see New Year’s Eve
Logan’s was awesome – and I STUFFED myself
We got some truffles from DeBrand’s to eat in the movie and walked around Jefferson Pointe for a few minutes
The movie was fun and cute and feel-good

We went home to a baby-free house (thanks Grandma!) and thought we were going to get a great night’s sleep
Not so 😦
I woke up at 4:00 with horrible stomach cramps!
This continued on and off for most of the day – keeping me in my pajamas and our bed or on the couch
Joel took care of everything – including all of Mylin’s meals, playing, and diapers
It’s starting to sound like vacation now, right?!
I know!!!

Anyways, as soon as I would start to feel better, I’d be flat on the floor again growning…
Only for it to mysteriously pass by the time I woke up Monday morning!

While it felt like a waste of a weekend…I did get lots of R&R and literally did not have to do anything I didn’t want to – Joel is my hero!
I am so thankful that this happened during the weekend so we didn’t have to have extra help and I didn’t have to miss (too much) work (I took off part of Monday to continue recouping and not tire myself out!)
Also, Joel left this morning for a work trip (boooooooooo) and we are both so thankful I didn’t get sick while he was gone!
I don’t know how I would have done it!

So……does it sound like the worst weekend?
Or kind of like a vacation of relaxing with no resposibilities?!

First trimester story

Remember in November when I blogged about the new stuff going on in our life: Mylin becoming a big sister?!?!
Well here’s a few more details on how the last 3+ months of our lives have gone

Joel and I have been excited and anxious to grow our family!
While we feel extremely blessed that becoming pregnant with Mylin was very easy for us, we did not want to take that for granted and expect that in the future…….but honestly, I sure was hoping that my heart’s desire would become a reality – and sooner rather than later!
While our heart’s were longing for more children since January of this year, my body was still sustaining Mylin until mid-July through breastfeeding
Then, near the end of September, we were overjoyed to find out that apparently my body was ready again!
I was just over 4 weeks pregnant!
We kept our news quiet like we did with Mylin (we waited 11 weeks until we told our parents and then 14 until we announced it to siblings and friends)

The day I was starting my 6th week of pregnancy, I woke up with a concerning amount of bleeding
Not knowing exactly what we should do, Joel and I continued getting ready for work and I called the on-call doctor since it was only 6:30am
He told me to call when the office opened at 8:00 and come in for an ultrasound
I did not know what to do with myself at that point
Joel and I were in shock and trying to come to terms with the realization I was probably having a miscarriage (I didn’t know that I could be bleeding that much and still be pregnant…)
He left for work and I cried myself to a staff meeting in Berne
I showed up to realize God’s grace has clearly proceeded me there…

Only 3 other women could attend our meeting that day and I went only because I couldn’t just sit around and wait all morning – I had too much nervous energy
I burst into tears as I walked in my boss’ house and was immediately comforted by 3 women who had all grieved the loss of a child (which I was previously unaware of)
Thank you, Lord, for your divine organization!
They let me do and say whatever I needed that morning…we prayed, talked about worked, I think we might even have laughed a little, and the longest day of my life kept inching by
I found out I could get into my appointment mid-afternoon and at my boss’ encouragement I didn’t go to work that day (how could I care for the struggles of my clients when I myself was falling apart?!)
So I went to my parent’s house to tell my mom what was going on
She kept Mylin for the rest of the day and I went home to sleep until Joel picked me up for our appointment
Another blessing in this day was our ultrasound technician who was very caring and informative as I was prepped for the appointment
She explained that this early in pregnancy we wouldn’t see the baby either way, so to not be shocked if the sac looked empty
And even though it did, I was so relieved to see this evidence of life only a few minutes later:

We took this picture and met with our nurse practitioner who explained that while we don’t know why I am bleeding I can take some precautions while we continue figuring out what is going on
First off, I thought I was 6 weeks pregnant but was only measuring 5 – which is NOT good news…
I was to be on ‘pelvic rest’ for 2 weeks until my next ultrasound was scheduled that would give us more information
I was told to expect regular bleeding and to not be alarmed unless it increased
So…we know now that I was pregnant…but not sure if our child was still alive or if it would remain alive

I went through the next several days in constant prayer and regular tears
We felt like zombies barely able to talk about anything else and waking up to cry and talk in the middle of the night wondering how we were going to have the patience to wait see what God’s plan was for this child and our family
We were blessed with the reassurance that no matter the outcome…God is good!
He was good whether this child lived or died – that did not change Him and His attributes

6 days after my first ultrasound I woke up with increased bleeding and called the doctor immediately and we headed in for another ultrasound
As soon as the image came on the screen we had tears of joy!!!!!!
Immediately we could see the tiny baby in the sac and the HEART WAS BEATING!

We also noticed the distorted shape of the sac (we refered to our child at this time as ‘africa baby’)
The doctor explained now we knew for sure it wasn’t my cervix bleeding, but a hemorrage inside my uterus ripping the baby off my uterean wall
They told us it was extremely common and that I had a 50/50 chance of carrying the child full term or miscarrying
I could maintain pelvic rest but that wouldn’t guarantee the baby would live – but why not do all we can to possibly help?!
So we go home again with great reassurance and equally frightening worry

I think it was at this point that I decided I was going to be emotionally numb
I couldn’t handle the up of the hope and evidence of life and the down of the possibility of death
I couldn’t function like a zombie anymore and I was just going to wait it out until God revealed to us that our child was alive or in heaven
So – I stopped crying, but increased my earnest prayers
We told a few prayer warrior friends that would check up on us regularly and pray for us daily
We isolated ourselves from social relationships because we felt like we had nothing to talk about without going into our whole ordeal which we were not comfortable with being public

So we lasted 8 more days until another appointment and another glimpse at our sweet second child
Again, heart swelling excitement when our baby popped up on the screen and that heart was fluttering  again!

The doctor said it was good news – the hemorrage was thinning out and the placenta was only growing stronger – gripping that baby to my uterus
We were used to this information from the doctor of taking it easy and wouldn’t be back for 3 more weeks to check up on the africa (shaped) baby

Surprisingly those 3 weeks went by quickly we had a good check up and heard the heartbeat without an ultrasound and were ready to announce our news!
While we still didn’t know if I was 10 1/2 or 11 1/2 weeks – we called our siblings, texted our friends and stopped by a few houses to share our joy with others!
Feeling so good and excited about the prospect of the next 6+ months the worry of the hemorrage was finally gone!
Then just a few days later, the bleeding returned…

A quick phone call and 24 hours later there I was (this time without Joel, but feeling very positive!!! We had our prayer warriors in battle with us) back at the office and really excited to get to see our child that I knew was living and well – I was just ready for reassurance…
And up popped this:

No more africa baby!!!!
And no sign of the hemorrage!
I went excitedly to speak with the doctor and tried to pay attention to what she said, though all I could think about was calling Joel and sending him a picture of this picture 🙂
I was in the clear!
The hemorrage had disappeared and the bleeding I experienced was considering normal for pregnancy (which wouldn’t have worried me if I hadn’t had the previous 6 weeks of fright…)
Now I’m on the ‘regular’ schedule of once monthly appointments through this next trimester
I have no restrictions!
They said baby was measuring just a bit bigger which puts me closer to the original due date of May 29th…but my official one is still June 5th
I’m trying not to get caught up on the day – baby will come when s/he is ready to come!
Thank you for reading this excruciatingly long recap of what our 1st trimester with Wee One (official blogging name) has been like
And for those of you that have gone to battle praying for our family and particularly the health and life of this baby – we are so grateful to have you as friends and to be able to depend on you
Most of all, PRAISE GOD for His divine plan, timing, and goodness to our family – we are so undeserving!