Recent reads #2

Check back HERE for what this 2nd edition Recent Reads post is all about

Prepare to be disgusted, Planned Parenthood’s agenda spelled out very clearly.  Their abortion to adoption rate is 201 to 1.  That stat made me gasp and cringe.

Can we remain faithful to Truth and the gospel with the changing culture and emergent Millenial generation?

Our words are powerful, and not always in a positive way

This sermon gripped me and then confused me.  What do you think about how to be loving and how to be bold?

Be careful when checking books out at the library to review their content before letting Junior choose which picture books he takes home.  He could bring home this story.

And then there’s this.  Which isn’t something I read, but it is still making me laugh!

What have you been reading lately?  Please post links in the comments for all of us to learn a little bit more about the subjects you think are fascinating.


What do you think?

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