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I CANNOT get enough of this song, lately:

You won’t regret the 9 minutes you take out of your day to worship!


Oh Saturday morning…you did not go as planned.

Last Saturday my morning was terrible.  All my expectations were shattered.  I’ll spare you the whiney, annoying details to my pity party – but let me tell you, it was rough.

Have you ever had a day like that?  Nothing spectacular was planned, but you had expectations that weren’t met and suddenly, it was the worse day imaginable.  AND you didn’t get a nap in.

When I could finally humble myself just enough to talk to Joel (instead of only cry – which I had been doing for 5 to 6 hours), we were laughing within minutes about comments like, “I don’t really want to fight with you.  It’s just that I am SO ANGRY and I have no one else to fight with.  If I fought with any of the other people that live here it’d be abusive.”  🙂 Aren’t post-pregnancy and nursing hormones beautiful?!  It really brings out the best in me.

ANYWAYS – God restored me in the middle of the night while feeding Olson with this:

So thankful for His mercies that are new every morning…on Sunday morning, Olson and I stayed home to rest and regroup and I watched the first sermon in this series by Andy Stanley

And then turned on Pandora while I was finishing the laundry and heard this amazing song – another redeeming moment God gifted me with:

How has God brought you out of your yuck and into His presence lately?!

Church Bells by Gungor


Church Bells (lyrics)

Let church bells ring

Let children sing

Even if they don’t know why, let them sing

Why drown their joy

Stifle their voice

Just because you’ve lost yours


May our jaded hearts be healed



Let old men dance

Lift up their hands

Even if they are naive, let them dance

You’ve seen it all

You watch them fall

Wash off your face and dance


May our weary hearts be filled with hope


May our weary hearts be filled with hope







Reflection on what we worship

What do we worship?

This month’s challenge has been so revealing…

I have 71 articles of clothes hanging in MY part of our closet

And 14 pairs of pants and shorts

7 ‘pajama’ pieces

17 folded t-shirts

12 pairs of shoes/boots/tennies

8 pairs of sandals

and an entire 5 drawer dresser full of undergarments, and workout clothes

40 pairs of earrings + 33 other accessories

And I didn’t get out my box from under the bed to count the clothes that are only ‘summer’ worthy



We’re talking close to 300 THINGS that I own (or do they own me?!) to cover myself with and in

That’s not to count that since I read 7 by Jen Hatmaker in October I have probably halved a wardrobe that I naturally am constantly reducing…

I wish I had a tally of what has cycled in and out of my closet in the last nearly 5 years since I’ve lived here…of how many articles I have mindlessly spent money on to wear/use for such a short period of time

So, while I can say that this challenge hasn’t been difficult to actually pull off…it has certainly been mind-altering and life-changing

Please, God, let it continue to change my life!  Do not let me return to impulse-online-shopping…to finding my worth in adorning myself to impress others…or to cover up the ugliness that is really in my heart – not on my skin

Transform me.

Watch this music video by Jimmy Needham – Clear the Stage (Thanks, Rachel, for sharing this!)

music I love

One of my favorite artists lately is JJ Heller
I was blessed to get one of her cd’s for my birthday last month!

You can visit her website here

And view a one of her music videos below, entitled ‘control’

What do you think about a Christian artist singing about cutting?

Gungor "God is not a white Man"

We LOVE Gungor in our house and we LOVE THIS SONG!

What is your favorite band/song these days?!