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Choosing Thankfulness

My partner’s gone this week.  Work traveler…


However…when I tend to bathe in cookies, ice cream, late night movie marathons, pity party’s, and other self-indulgences while he’s away…I am choosing thankfulness this week.  Maybe it’s my new obsession with Instagram…or the 100 Happy Days challenge I’m doing ON Instagram…but however it happened, God is gracing me with peace and thankfulness this week.

Husband and I up at 5am Monday morning so he can catch his flight? Peace.  He gets to the airport to find out his flight is cancelled and instead goes to work over an hour early? Peace.  Husband and I up at 5am Tuesday morning so he can catch his rescheduled flight? Peace (though, I was not so much ‘up at 5am’ this particular morning…).  Once again he gets to the airport to find out his flight is cancelled…Peace.  God reveals to me that all of our prayers for ‘safe travels’ and ‘protection’ could have been answered through him missing rush hour traffic two mornings in a row.  Or flying two mornings when there were storms…or who knows how God ‘protects’ us – we don’t even know all of the things that we miss!

Checking out at Target with the kids behind another customer who’s credit card isn’t getting read and it’s taking forever at the same time I should have them home in bed? Peace.  My 4 month old literally crying the entire way home? Peace.  My almost 4 year old telling me she had to go potty as soon as I pulled out of the gas station parking lot (to check on the 4 month old and try to assess why he was still crying…)? Peace.

We’ve still got 2 days to miss him and lots more opportunities for stress and sadness and selfishness…But thank you God for unexpected days home together, plans still working out for Joel’s work needed done in Mexico, kids who sing to the baby when he’s crying, over-tired cuddles, going to sleep right away, Grandma’s who help out, Kids Eat Free night at Chik-Fil-A, and a God who is teaching and molding in every situation



100 Happy Days

Joel and I are officially grown-up. Or officially cool. Or just officially not cave-men with flip phones any more. Anyway you slice it, we have ARRIVED.

moto g picture

As any of you with smartphones know, this is a blessing and a curse.  It’s so fun to have ‘everything’ literally at our fingertips, yet we struggle to actually focus on what is important (also literally at our fingertips – because they just never go away)


Anyways, with all this new technology comes many opportunities to connect with friends – insert INSTAGRAM OBSESSION (follow us @joelandrachel)

Today, I am beginning a 100 day challenge to document and reflect on Being Happy (100 Happy Days).  Thanks to my friend over at Bee in a Barn for asking me to do it with her!  Basically, each day I’ll instagram (is that a verb, like ‘googled’?!) a picture with a quick description of what makes me happy/thankful….

Bigger picture: God is SO GOOD all the time!!! Whether it makes us ‘happy’ or not, He gets the glory for all of creation and everything that comes from it…I’m so excited to see how He’ll use this 100 day challenge to work on my heart!

Want to join in?!  Go to this website, sign up, and join in!



Browse around…

As always, loving The Better Mom today about challenging me with the reality I AM CONTAGIOUS: everything about me…my attitude, my facial expressions, and most importantly, my attention on (or off) God.  I am always desperate for encouragement, challenge, accountability, and the surrender to correct thinking…so thankful for how God uses many avenues to deliver it!

This ADORABLE childrens play of The Christmas Story (on Ann’s blog)

Men experiencing what it is like to have contractions. Hahahahaha

I’m so excited to start this marriage devotional from The Unveiled Wife for the month of January with my Late Night Bible Study Girls 🙂  Joel and I did a month long marriage challenge back in April and I feel like I could write (well, probably talk) a book about what we learned, what we changed, and how God has blessed so many areas of our lives from the transformations that happened that month!

Have anything to share that you’ve enjoyed reading about, learning about, or watching today?!


Participation required…

I took this idea from Cardigan Way and tweeked it a bit for my own personality…(though as I searched and searched and SEARCHED her site for the post I’m refering to…I cannot find it – guess I shouldn’t leave so many drafts in my post schedule to go back to and fill in with links…)

Read my answers below and then reply either in the comments or write a similar post (Ahem: Rachel, Sarah, Leslie, Kim, Jill…) in your own blog answering these questions!


I am currently obsessed with: Checking, even though Joel claims it is run by Satan

My biggest pet peeve is: when cars have not been scraped or warmed up in the winter but still drive around town oblivious to the rest of us drivers fearing for our lives.

I could eat an endless supply of: any type of cookie

I am currently reading: Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth.  That chick is a total hippie!

My bedtime recently has been: 10:30

The last movie I watched was: Mystic River.  Do not necessarily recommend, even though it wasn’t horrible.  I had nightmares for several days though, but I am SO SENSITIVE to so much!  It actually was a factor that helped us decide to fast from movie/t.v. entertainment until Christmas (other than Christmas movies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

I am writing this while: my kids are napping (and I should be too!)

The scripture that is really speaking to my heart is: Being confident in this, that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.—Philippians 1:6  This was in my devotional last weekend and appeared on The Better Mom this week too!

On days when I don’t leave the house, I: wear Joel’s clothes (because they’re so comfy and I don’t have a lot of casual/cleaning day maternity clothes) and generally do not shower, or at least do not wash my hair…

If I could hug anybody today, it would be: My friend, Kim, she had a baby girl, Kate Ellen, on Monday!  Can’t wait to meet her 🙂

Ok, your turn!  Reply in the comments with an answer to any or all of these 10 random statement/questions.  Can’t wait to find out more about you 🙂

When I have nothing left to offer…

I wish I always prayed and read through God’s Word when I have nothing left to offer…but I am still becoming disciplined in making that my go-to when I have to get-away from everything something else

I try to go to places that will encourage and offer something to me:

7 Truths and a Lie about Motherhood from The Better Mom

The Mythical THEY from Jen Hatmaker

5 Reasons We Don’t Homeschool (don’t let the title fool you…they do homeschool)

One of these sites: Tiny Prints or Minted to search for a Christmas card…

OR Christmas music on Pandora.

Katie from Cardigan Way would call this Lagniappe – and she just did 31 days of posts on this topic…

Where do you go when you have nothing left to offer?

Pumpkin decorating

All that’s needed is:

1. a big orange pumpkin

2. colorful sharpies

3. either a painting shirt or no clothes at all

4. BIG smiles

Birthday and autumn 024 Birthday and autumn 025

Not many ‘ingredients’!

However, it doesn’t take much for it to all come to a screeching halt

One of the artists poops his pants and the other pees on her chair and before you know it, festive pumpkin decorating is completely over until next year…

A few little things…

Sorry for my lack of posts lately…I spend all of my free time napping or reading other blogs and neglecting my own 🙂

Here’s a short, silly blog to keep things rolling while I upload pictures and formulate more interesting topics to share!


1. I hate toffee – especially butterfingers.  Who in the world loves eating that stuff? You need a dentist to professionally clean your teeth after that – how is it enjoyable?!

2. In our house, if it is yellow, let it mellow.

3. I LOVE a good hot sandwich (I can rarely pass up a Reuben if it’s on the menu).  For me, that consists of lots of gooey cheese and enough sauce to drip and make my hands messy – meat and veggies are appreciated, but optional 🙂

4. I take a nap every day – usually for 60-90 minutes.  And I don’t really foresee that changing any time soon

5. I am picky about the temperature of my coffee.  I like it really hot, so when it is made at home I am constantly reheating it – which gets annoying.  So eventually I usually end up sticking it in the fridge and drinking it later in the day as iced coffee 🙂


What are few little things about yourself that you’d like to share?!