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Twelve days ago, as I was walking out into the yard, holding Sullivan, every mom and pregnant mom’s worst nightmare was immediately upon me: I FELL.

Not only was it scary to fall with Sully in my arms (and I fell directly onto him, mind you), but I was immediately fearful of falling on the unborn baby I am carrying!  Sullivan, true-to-form, crawled away without crying or apparently realizing he was in the center of what could-have-been a catastrophe.  Joel, just coming out the front door was confused and scared – wondering why I was lying in the grass…I picked myself up, looked at Joel and told him I had fallen and wasn’t sure what to do next

When pregnant with Mylin, I had fallen down our deck stairs onto concrete in the winter 😦 boo – that hurt.  But I had already been feeling her kick frequently, so I knew I could pay attention to any changes in that (which there weren’t any) and be reassured that she was ok

This time around, being not even 16 weeks along, I hadn’t felt the baby move or kick yet – so I wasn’t sure exactly how to proceed…

After some mom-friend counsel, I decided just to call the on-call nurse, who reassured me to just take it easy for the night, and only to come in to the ER if I was experiencing cramping or bleeding.  Well, coupled with the recent running adventure I had embarked on, I wasn’t sure if my lower back pain was fall or exercise related…

As I lay in bed, I was fervently praying that God would make it clear if we needed to head to the ER that night.  I didn’t want to go in for an expensive and unnecessary trip, however, I didn’t want to be ignorant and stay home if the baby was hurt

As Joel and I talked about it, we decided that if something HAD happened, no matter when we went in, we couldn’t reverse it…and we began meditating on how GOOD God is to us, no matter our circumstances, blessings, or blessings removed

And as I was resolving myself to this and continuing to pray for clarity in the situation, I was suddenly distracted!

And, wait-for-it….a few minutes later, there it was again!


God not only made it very clear to us that the baby was healthy – He chose to give us the precious gift of feeling life inside of me!!!

summer 2013 068

As we have shared this story and rejoiced over the reassurance of tiny baby flutters and kicks – I am reminded of the thought and lesson that God WOULD STILL BE just as good if those kicks would have never come…

We must continue to train ourselves towards godliness and so that our mind muscle is already flexed in the direction of thanking Him, resting in Him, and trusting His ways


Happy Father’s Day!

Happy Father’s Day to my favorite man in the whole wide world: we love love love you, Joel!

Since it’s birthday month at the Draper’s (Sully – June 2, and Mylin – June 25) here are some birthday reasons that I love him so much…


FLASHBACK: This was the picture we used on Mylin’s 1st birthday card:

birthday postcard picture

And this is the one we used on Sully’s!:

The news 015

Aren’t they just the cutest?!?!

Can’t tell they’re related, can ya?! 🙂

We’re so lucky to have such a great daddy to take care of all of us!


It won’t be too long until we have another ‘birth’ day announcement!!!!!!!

Little Miss and Little Mister will be joined with Baby Draper #3 in early January 🙂

We can’t wait!

Due date…

So way back on September 24th when we found out Wee One was on the way – we calculated our due date to be May 29th, 2012
After the longest first trimester ever…we were given the due date of June 5th, 2012…which I was not willing to accept in disagreement with…(I know, I know, an entire 7 more days?! What is the big deal pregnant lady?!)
So (we’ve) I’ve been telling everyone for the past several months we’re due ‘at the end of May’ figuring that gives us a little cushion and doesn’t lock us down to a date

Well…it seems as though we may really not be expecting the arrival of this undeserved blessing until the month of June!
This is hard for me to swallow… 😦
I have been battling high hopes, broken expectations, and depression these last few weeks
I am SO anxious and excited for baby to come I can hardly stand it!
It is pretty much ALL I think about:
“Was that a contraction?”
“Will my water break if I walk around the zoo all morning?”
“I kind of want to mow so I can wear myself out…maybe that’ll start labor…”
After the emotional battle of the last few weeks I am so thankful that through desperate prayer and seeking, God has really given me peace and freedom over this situation
I have been thinking that I could control this situation somehow!
Ha! What a delusion…
Now I know many people are given the option of some kind of control over births – and for a lot of us that is for our safety or our child’s safety
But at this point, I am feeling so good and my pregnancy is going so well, that there is no risk!

God has been using friends to speak truth into my life about my perspective as well
Everything from: Remembering at the beginning of this pregnancy we weren’t sure if Wee One would survive to this point or not…so I am so thankful to still be pregnant!
To: A friend of mine delivering her daughter at 26 weeks (which was just over a week ago) and us being reminded how thankful we are for the healthy pregnancy He has blessed us with
Thank you God for these reminders – and please comfort and heal those who have not been blessed in this area

Because we desperately want a VBAC with this birth (after about 26 hours of labor with Mylin I had her via c-section), my options of ‘inducing’ labor are even more limited…like pretty much I cannot be medically induced (which I have no desire to be)
BUT my doctor said if I did change my mind and wanted to do a c-section I could schedule that at any time…like I could have had the baby last week…
I’d be a liar if I didn’t say that offer wasn’t tempting!
I know that we want to have the option to experience a vaginal birth…and if it isn’t with this baby – I won’t be able to (Around here no one will let you try a VBAC after 2 consecutive c-sections)

SO, for now I am set to let this baby come on it’s own, in God’s timing…
But I sure am praying daily “Please let it be today!”
One of these days, it will be 🙂

The nursery project

I am so thankful to be putting all my hours of pinterest obsession into good use!
So far I have done lots of recipe posts, a pinterest inspired decorating post for our living room, one for our bedroom, and a homemade learning activity for Mylin post (which happens to be her current favorite activity to do!)
Today my pinterest post is all about the new baby!
I have a nursery board on pinterest that has inspired some unique and simple decor in baby’s room:

I am in love with how it turned out!!!
We use to have a few pictures and LOTS of shelves hung in here when Mylin was an infant
Well…the shelves didn’t end up being all that safe and the pictures didn’t really end up going with the room…
So we decided to simplify and take everything off the walls, repaint the room and begin anew!
While we have all the same colors and stuff for this baby (mostly browns, creams, and greens with a little orange too…) we decided to try something new that could be versatile in the future
Isn’t the tree so fun?!
The colored dots are wall stickers that will easily come off
They also come with letters so we can put the baby’s name (once we’ve decided on one…) on the wall as well, like we did when Mylin was in there
We will probably hang 1 or 2 sentimental pictures of us and baby after Wee One’s arrival – and other than that we’ll keep it simply decorated!!!
What are your decorating suggestions?
What theme did you have when you had a nursery?!

Baking and freezing!

I made Honey Beer Bread and Poppyseed Bread (without the poppyseeds…) for a Mom’s group brunch a few weekends ago…
Sopapillas. DELICIOUS. Will repeat and hopefully freeze…good for breakfast, dessert, or snack – though I prefer breakfast!

(even Mylin loved them!)
My sweet friend, Brittany came and helped me make some food to freeze for baby season this summer!
We made bean burritos, Buffalo Chicken dip, and Baked Spaghetti

I also baked and froze Sour Cream Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips

And yummy Chicken Chili Spaghetti in the crock pot
(I used this recipe as a template…ours had chicken, cream of chicken, velveeta, hot chili beans, corn, onion, garlic, spaghetti, and spices)

Oops.  Surprisingly this is only like the 2nd egg I’ve broken (on accident…) since I’ve been married – which is odd because I’m clumsy, too fast, unbalanced, and don’t really pay 100% attention to much of anything…
Then came the most AMAZING desserts…
Gooey Butterscotch Bars next time I will make this with less of the goo on top – it about sent me over the edge!
And after Joel kissed me when I ate one he swore he got Diabetes… 😉

Cake Batter Brownies – this recipe also calls for these to be frosted…NOT NECESSARY!!!
These are Joel’s new favorites!
Wow.  I hope to have at least 1 more day like this to cook, bake, and freeze in preparation of baby coming!
When we had Mylin, we literally had a stockpile of food that lasted us 3 months!
That was with the kindness and generosity of my MomLife group and friends who brought meals – but I am hoping to be ahead of the game again this time around!

Pregnancy lately

Twice in the last 3 weeks I’ve driven to Heyerly’s and brought home a bag of donuts
Both times it was totally worth it.
Welcome to the 3rd trimester 🙂

24 weeks!

Since I haven’t given too much of a detailed update since my post about our first trimester, I thought it was time to give a run down of Wee One!!!

I am about 24 weeks along – with due date projected to be anywhere from May 29th-June 5th

I am beginning to be able to enjoy Joel’s t-shirts any chance I get, since mine are all too small for my enormous belly (seriously, it was NOT this big at 24 weeks with Little Miss!) and I don’t want mine to stretch out from jamming my pregnant self in them!

I struggle to comfortably tie my shoes and also paint my toes (reminds me of when Joel and my mom had to take over last time I was nurturing someone in my womb!)

Carrying Mylin for any period of time can be exhausting and feel impossible – especially if she wants to be carried up the steps, which, by the way, she has not starting asking for until this week…the week that I’ve finally decided I can barely do it!

My appetite seems to be pretty consistant and predictable – unlike the moments of cravings in the 1st trimester that could bring me to tears!

My already extremely low blood pressure is now an even lower pregnancy blood pressure which means I start my days off being dizzy and having to sit down on the floor randomly while trying to dry my hair or change Mylin’s diaper

I am beginning to plan for my maternity leave – anticipating a sweet 4 months off of work from the beginning of May until Labor Day! (prayer request that I can go back to work in September for 1 to 1 1/2 days a week instead of my 2 that I am doing now)

We have cleaned and purged and rearranged to move Mylin to a twin bed in a different bedroom.  She is already in love with the Hello Kitty themed bed and we are preparing to remove pacifiers from the crib this week in preparation to get her ready to go to the ‘big girl’ room in a few weeks!

I am having some very vivid pregnancy dreams!  I dreamt about being in cave the other night…which I’m sure is full of symbolism…and I have had many dreams where I am breastfeeding the new baby – which is usually a dark-haired little girl!!! (Any comments on a good source for dream interpretation?!)

My feet will swell and ache if I do too much…thanks Body, for letting me know, but once I do realize I’ve overdone it and sit down to rest could you just please take the swelling and aching away?!?!

I have Braxton-Hicks contractions!  They are triggered by some various things, but what I remember from my first pregnancy, once they start happening, they will continue to be triggered until baby comes!

I am continuing to be surprised and overjoyed at God’s goodness to grow our family – I cannot believe what He is trusting to us and am baffled at how it will change our family dynamics and what our new ‘family’ will become!