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1 year ago today we found out that Mylin was on her way!


a morning in the life of a newborn

this morning mylin and i got to spend some quality time with my sister-in-law leslie, and her 5 month old son, jace
we try to get together often to have some mommy/newborn bonding time – but this is difficult with two teeny babies!

this morning we met at a local bakery downtown
while enjoying our cinnamon rolls and the warm atmosphere, we traded stories of being a new mom, how we’re balancing school, time with our husbands, and a social life admidst our kids needs…how we sometimes feel out of control emotionally and laughing, a lot (like usual)
as i was bouncing mylin around to help ease the pain of her hiccups i noticed her morning relief rippling against my belly…
i knew she’d need changed, but there was no place to change her, so leslie suggested just sticking her in her carseat
i think leslie may always regret that decision.

as i peeled off her pants, i noticed the poo leaking out one side of her onesie!
i quickly slid a changing pad under her and grabbed my wipes as leslie got jace situated in his carseat so she could assist me
the poo kept coming out and getting all over her clothes, the carseat and my hands!
we ended up stripping her completely nude – and while leslie held her up for my i did my best to ‘wash’ her whole poopy body off with wipes – during which i realized i had run out and had to borrow leslie’s (luckily i was with another diaper bag mom!)
i used my last diaper i had to cover her back up while leslie searched for a replacement outfit…
during the entire poo-shenanigans, the guy behind the counter just watched and chuckled, offering me a plastic bag to dispose of all our mess (sidenote: bag said ‘thank you’ on it…hahaha)
as i dressed mylin back-up, wonderful aunt leslie used her tide pen to wash off the carseat strap, which innocently got in the way of the morning’s explosion!

when i was finished i was sweating!!!
leslie and i will never forget our memorable breakfast out with the babes – and may never share our breakfast’s out of our house’s again!

winter comfort meal

vegetable soup and croissants

veggie soup:
1. chop zucchini, onion, mushrooms, and garlic and saute in oil of choice
2. boil a few cups of water with a few chicken bouillion cubes and diced carrots in separate pot
3. in dutch oven combine large can of crushed tomatoes, corn and peas and begin to heat
4. when other veggies are cooked combine all in dutch oven and simmer
5. add pepper, seasoning salt, cumin, and other seasoning as desired

1. unroll a roll of croissants, slather with butter, sprinkle with garlic herbs, or seasonings of choice
2. roll up and cook according to package


bailey dates :)

Mylin gets to enjoy lots of fun dates with her friend and neighbor, Bailey 🙂
Eme enjoys these dates too!

Joel and I get to trade dates with Bailey’s parents
Last night we had Bailey over
I had just returned home from my counseling internship, and Joel wasn’t expected home for 20 more minutes – so I just sat in front of these beauties eating a snack!
I was too afraid to get them out and try to handle it myself in case they both got mad!

Miraculously, when Joel had our delicious dinner all ready, Bailey and Mylin both fell asleep!
They slept for 30 minutes – allowing us to eat and clean up
P.S. this never happens to us during dinnertime with just one baby….

a bundle of fun

I should have posted these long ago 🙂
They are from when she was 12 weeks old – now she’s 16!

Kissing these chubby cheeks each morning is the best part of our lives 🙂


i am starting a quest to simplify my life
i desire to become more patient, more focused on Christ’s work in my life, more focused on my husband and daughter and my roles as a wife and mother, more laid-back, more cheerful, more loving, more humble, more disciplined, and more organized
here are a few of my ideas on how to accomplish these goals (or at least work towards them)
1. deactivate my facebook account (DONE! as of today)
2. watch less t.v. (basically narrow it to my thursday night of grey’s anatomy – my weekly ‘me’ time, and then our Netflix movies and shows we get twice a week or have access to online)
3. spend time daily reading Scripture (how many times have we ALL made this a resolution?!)
4. focus on Mylin when she is awake (don’t text, don’t always watch a will&grace episode, don’t change the laundry and wash the dishes…)
5. spend time talking to and listening to Joel every day without Mylin (its amazing how infrequently this happens!
6. have a date with Joel every other week (going out or staying in, without the baby!)
7. surround myself with Christian women and couples (to challenge me and keep me accountable)
8. complete graduate school!
9. spend time exercising 3+ times a week
10. get up at 6 a.m. (or earlier) most days (for chores, getting ready before Mylin is up, and some time with Joel to begin our day)

ok these were just off the top of my head and in no particular order
it helps me to have a list written down, and to tell others so I can be kept accountable
i have one goal complete! and nine more stated…probably many more to come!

what goals have you all set in your lives lately?
which ones have you accomplished?!

crockpot chili

i am not one for ‘following’ a recipe or ‘measuring’ ingredients

this is why i love crockpot cooking – cause you don’t really have to do either of those things!

i make it different every time…i know some amounts of what i put in, and some i have no clue 🙂
1 lb ground turkey seasoned with chili powder while cooking
1 lb hamburger
(ended up NOT being able to fit a 3rd lb – sausage, b/c the crockpot was nearly overflowing!)
1 large can diced tomatoes
emptied a leftover jar of chili sauce that was in the fridge
2 cans hot chili beans
1 can pinto beans
1 can kidney beans
1 can black beans
1 green pepper pureed
1 med. onion pureed
5 jalepenos from our garden pureed
1 package of mushrooms chopped
a lot of corn off the cob pulled from our freezer stock
a lot of garlic (we always use a lot of garlic – yum!)
onion salt
garlic salt
brown sugar

i might have forgotten something…but you can’t really go wrong with chili!

one of the best parts about crockpot cooking? especially with chili? crockpot liners 🙂