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Stay-at-home wife and mom – Battle #1

To get out of bed or to stay in bed


Or as I like to call it:

Should I get up now and have a possible 75 minutes to: shower/get ready/have quiet time with God/check and reply to emails/start laundry/start coffee/start breakfast/put away dishes/text back the 7 people I’ve not replied to over the last 3 days/make the bed/choose JOY as my attitude for the day – all while listening to praise music on Pandora


Stay in bed until the preschooler wakes me up and then pull the preschooler into bed with me to lay and pet the dog and smoother me with child’s-morning-breath kisses and conversation until either the toddler or infant makes us both get out of bed and finally get our day going

(today I laid awake in bed writing this blog in my head instead of doing anything actually productive or worthwhile)

Reason #87…

…why I am so grateful to be called to stay-at-home with our babies

So I don’t miss moments like this: stinker picture taker! 061

Olson and his girls

Every afternoon Mylin and I get to have some alonetime with Olson after Sully is down for his nap and before the 3 of us lay down for ours.  We get to do fun things like ‘read’ to him (Mylin’s job while I do some computer work), give him eye contact or make faces while looking at him in the mirror, and give him some tummy time and time to kick around.  Also, some days we just play around and take pictures of each other:

stinker picture taker! 001 stinker picture taker! 002 stinker picture taker! 003 stinker picture taker! 004 stinker picture taker! 005

She got ahold of the camera again…

And here’s the BEST of the damage done during ‘bedtime’ while I was downstairs making snacks for Joel’s Bible study that was going on…

stinker picture taker! 013 stinker picture taker! 019 stinker picture taker! 022 stinker picture taker! 023 stinker picture taker! 024stinker picture taker! 026 stinker picture taker! 030 stinker picture taker! 032 stinker picture taker! 034

What are your favorites?! The inside of Mylin’s nose (1, 2, or 3…), Sullivan’s cheese-face, the ones where the camera strap is in the way, or the close up of Olson’s sock in our pile of clean laundry needing to be put away?!


Let it go, Let it go!

No, it’s not another post about FROZEN (well, except for the title…)  but celebrating that Spring is FINALLY here!

(p.s. I’m totally writing this post like 2 weeks in advance of this date – declaring in faith that the snow and winter will be over!)

But here’s the last recap of winter and fun outside and with daddy…

Remember my post about A Glimpse of Heaven?!  Well, not even 20 hours later the deck looked like this:

Snow and March 001Winter wonderland 🙂

So instead of playing on the deck, Mylin created a fort under our dining room table:   Snow and March 020 Snow and March 019

She gets her creativity from this guy:

 February and airplane 052Who does cool things like build snowmen in the dark…February and airplane 003 February and airplane 002And leave surprise elaborate pictures for them at the breakfast table:February and airplane 009

Hopefully our outdoor pictures will NOW be of strollers and walks, mud puddles and rainboots, sunshine and swings 🙂

Meet Virginia…

Our sweet Virginia got to meet Mr. Olson several weeks ago:

February and airplane 005 February and airplane 004

She loves spending time with our kids when we get a chance to go next door and visit – and we love to visit with her and learn so much from her amazing life of 93 years!

Thankful for neighbors and friendships and God planting us down right where we are 🙂