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The grown-up 4 year old

Today, the lovely Mylin Hadassah celebrates being 4 years old

This one, I cannot believe.  4 is so old.  I truly miss the days of it being just me and her around the house – just the girls.  I didn’t realize how precious of a gift that time was!

We chose the meaning behind her name, Mylin (a family name), to mean ‘Heart’s desire.’  To think back to her birth story and our lives transforming from a couple into a family brings a lump in my throat and also a smile to my face.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE those first few hazey, drunk-with-love days of having a brand new baby.  If for no other reason, I will keep having more out of the sheer addiction to how sweet it is to have those who are so fresh from God, so near to us.  Mylin ushered that entire love into our lives.

Olson's firth month 002 February and airplane 007 February and airplane 008 February and airplane 052 February and airplane 068 Snow and March 021 Momiversary 019 IMG_20140526_170341608 IMG_20140609_124635095 strawberries with grandma IMG_20140615_153331228 IMG_20140619_094529609 IMG_20140620_084718855 IMG_20140624_165613076(these pictures are just of the last 5 months…look how much she has grown up!)

Mylin, God chose you to be the big sister for very specific reasons.  He knew you would be the best at it!  We are so thankful for your mature manner of handling responsibility,  your growing humility, and your love for all things ‘BABY’ – especially your 2 brothers!  You keep us on our toes and make us hit the ground running many days – but we would never want to experience a day without you.  We are so grateful and honored to be your parents.  What a privilege and opportunity 🙂  We love you!


It can’t be true!

Our little baby boy is TWO (although, in all of these pictures, he is ONE still)

stinker picture taker! 047 Lake fun! 004 Lake fun! 011 IMG_20140503_093550260 IMG_20140503_102825023 IMG_20140505_191718598 IMG_20140507_170207373 IMG_20140507_181018136 IMG_20140511_185043827 IMG_20140512_125817724 IMG_20140513_130157708 IMG_20140513_155044462 IMG_20140519_120918328  IMG_20140523_094205133

Sweet Sully – we love you so much! You have brought us unexplainable joy since the moment you were born.  Your gorgeous smile lights up our lives all day, every day.  You are known and recognized for your easy-going smile and happy disposition (even strangers in gas stations comment on it!).  We are so thankful God chose us to be your parents and Mylin and Olson are the luckiest to get to have you as their brother.

We love you, buddy!