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Ms Virginia

Our sweet Virginia left this earth earlier this week

Breaking the news to Mylin was surprisingly heartbreaking as she burst into tears on daddy’s lap.  A parent can never be fully prepared for the honest emotions and faith of a child.

We are so thankful to have enjoyed the gift of her friendship for 2 years.  Her presence in our lives provided many opportunities to teach our children about service, respect, love, humility, and lastly, the importance of eternal life

She was a part of our family…

Virginia 001(Baby Sullivan)

winter 2012 011(Little Miss Mylin)037 (Sullivan’s first birthday party)038036

February and airplane 005 (Meeting baby Olson)February and airplane 004

And she will be greatly missed…


It can’t be true!

Our little baby boy is TWO (although, in all of these pictures, he is ONE still)

stinker picture taker! 047 Lake fun! 004 Lake fun! 011 IMG_20140503_093550260 IMG_20140503_102825023 IMG_20140505_191718598 IMG_20140507_170207373 IMG_20140507_181018136 IMG_20140511_185043827 IMG_20140512_125817724 IMG_20140513_130157708 IMG_20140513_155044462 IMG_20140519_120918328  IMG_20140523_094205133

Sweet Sully – we love you so much! You have brought us unexplainable joy since the moment you were born.  Your gorgeous smile lights up our lives all day, every day.  You are known and recognized for your easy-going smile and happy disposition (even strangers in gas stations comment on it!).  We are so thankful God chose us to be your parents and Mylin and Olson are the luckiest to get to have you as their brother.

We love you, buddy!


Celebrating Motherhood

My two favorite girls in the whole world:

Momiversary 008

And the ones that made me a mom:


Happy Mother’s Day to everyone who is and has a mama – thanks, God, for this precious relationship!

100 Happy Days

Joel and I are officially grown-up. Or officially cool. Or just officially not cave-men with flip phones any more. Anyway you slice it, we have ARRIVED.

moto g picture

As any of you with smartphones know, this is a blessing and a curse.  It’s so fun to have ‘everything’ literally at our fingertips, yet we struggle to actually focus on what is important (also literally at our fingertips – because they just never go away)


Anyways, with all this new technology comes many opportunities to connect with friends – insert INSTAGRAM OBSESSION (follow us @joelandrachel)

Today, I am beginning a 100 day challenge to document and reflect on Being Happy (100 Happy Days).  Thanks to my friend over at Bee in a Barn for asking me to do it with her!  Basically, each day I’ll instagram (is that a verb, like ‘googled’?!) a picture with a quick description of what makes me happy/thankful….

Bigger picture: God is SO GOOD all the time!!! Whether it makes us ‘happy’ or not, He gets the glory for all of creation and everything that comes from it…I’m so excited to see how He’ll use this 100 day challenge to work on my heart!

Want to join in?!  Go to this website, sign up, and join in!



She got ahold of the camera again…

And here’s the BEST of the damage done during ‘bedtime’ while I was downstairs making snacks for Joel’s Bible study that was going on…

stinker picture taker! 013 stinker picture taker! 019 stinker picture taker! 022 stinker picture taker! 023 stinker picture taker! 024stinker picture taker! 026 stinker picture taker! 030 stinker picture taker! 032 stinker picture taker! 034

What are your favorites?! The inside of Mylin’s nose (1, 2, or 3…), Sullivan’s cheese-face, the ones where the camera strap is in the way, or the close up of Olson’s sock in our pile of clean laundry needing to be put away?!


Let it go, Let it go!

No, it’s not another post about FROZEN (well, except for the title…)  but celebrating that Spring is FINALLY here!

(p.s. I’m totally writing this post like 2 weeks in advance of this date – declaring in faith that the snow and winter will be over!)

But here’s the last recap of winter and fun outside and with daddy…

Remember my post about A Glimpse of Heaven?!  Well, not even 20 hours later the deck looked like this:

Snow and March 001Winter wonderland 🙂

So instead of playing on the deck, Mylin created a fort under our dining room table:   Snow and March 020 Snow and March 019

She gets her creativity from this guy:

 February and airplane 052Who does cool things like build snowmen in the dark…February and airplane 003 February and airplane 002And leave surprise elaborate pictures for them at the breakfast table:February and airplane 009

Hopefully our outdoor pictures will NOW be of strollers and walks, mud puddles and rainboots, sunshine and swings 🙂

Meet Virginia…

Our sweet Virginia got to meet Mr. Olson several weeks ago:

February and airplane 005 February and airplane 004

She loves spending time with our kids when we get a chance to go next door and visit – and we love to visit with her and learn so much from her amazing life of 93 years!

Thankful for neighbors and friendships and God planting us down right where we are 🙂