What we’ve been reading lately

We do lots of reading in our house and it is HARD to fit it in with 3 little minions in various levels of destruction over their bodies, our bodies, and our possessions 🙂

BUT, we wanted to document some of the great articles we come across that are inspiring, enlightening, convicting, depressing, worthwhile and IMPORTANT for our generation!  Some are funny and light-hearted too, but the older we get, the more we realize we don’t have that much space for just funny and light-hearted.  There are a lot of battles out there that we are involved in and we aren’t going to sit passively by.

Anyways, we could continue to sit passively by if we didn’t know what was going on!  But we do! We have the power of finding news videos and articles about nearly anything we want to! Even though media isn’t 100% trustworthy, it’s a place to start, right?!

So, below will be links to topics and articles that I have read lately and thought interesting enough to share.  Some of these can also be found on our Facebook page, if you follow us on there.

Lecrae breaks the silence and publicly confesses a past abortion

19 week old baby survives the womb for moments

My first sermon listened to by John Piper – he is DYNAMIC!

Indiana may be voting to pass a bill to allow baby boxes – a safe haven for abandoned children – much like the box used in the new documentary The Drop Box:

The One Another’s of scripture.  A tool I used when I worked in a women’s crisis shelter and a common tool I used when in school for counseling and as a counselor.  A necessary tool for us as believers in Jesus Christ and His word!

Parenting is a spiritual battle.  Be armed, on guard, ready, and willing to fight.

Speaking of spiritual battles, Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress from recently

So I guess none of that was funny or light-hearted, but I promise, some times it is 🙂

What have you been reading lately? We’re always looking for suggestions!


One response to “What we’ve been reading lately

  1. rachel mueller

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel! That Drop Box movie looks so good–so awesome that they are considering it for IN!
    And we love John Piper also…here is our favorite clip of him. It’s old, and it is just a clip–but sooo incredibly powerful! Here’s the youtube link:

    Thanks friend! Love to read your posts 🙂

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