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Resolution Letters

Happy New Year!

I can still say that right? It’s not too late into the New Year that we’re already looking forward to the next holiday, letting the freshness of the new year wear off as we browse through the Valentine’s Day themed chocolates in the seasonal aisle at the grocery…

Well, I hope not.

Because THIS YEAR is going to be great!

THIS YEAR we have the chance to try again!

THIS YEAR we can have accountability to make all those resolutions easier to achieve.

THIS YEAR we’re going to write ourselves a letter.

My friend and neighbor, Jane, gave me this idea while we were having lunch to celebrate her turning 30 (Happy Birthday, Jane!).   This year, I’m going to write down my resolutions.  And my thoughts on what went right and what went wrong with that CRAZY Christmas and holiday season we just survived.  And I’m also going to write down what God is teaching me right now and how He’s working on my heart.

For me, my letter is going to remind me all the ways I want to be accountable.  Having a mentor regularly speaking truth into my life.  Meeting with a friend to pray over our marriages.  Meeting with some ladies to pray over our precious children.  Exercising side-by-side and challenging our diets with another friend and neighbor.  And ALL of these ladies and I will be memorizing God’s word to strengthen these areas and make us more disciplined.  I want to decide on my word/theme for the year.  Should it be Humility? Honesty? or Self-Control?  I want to write in the letter all the reasons why I am needing these themes in my life and in my heart.

I am going to write this all down, in greater detail than the blog world needs, and I’m going to give it to Jane.  And she’s going to give me hers.  And at Thanksgiving, we’ll give them back to each other to read and remember.  And to be encouraged by.  And to be sobered by.  And to use as we prepare for 2016.

What will be in your letter?  Who are you going to choose to exchange it with?



You better believe we’ve caught the fever:

frozen pictures

Like, a year ago, I saw this teaser trailer:

Wouldn’t that hook you?!

However, we didn’t run to the theater to watch it (even though we have a 3 year old daughter – I know, shocker!) and on a whim, picked it up at Redbox last week when it came out

We loved it so much, I decided we’d watch it again the next morning before we had to return it – so, we HAD to invite Miss Bailey over to enjoy it with us!

Snow and March 021 Snow and March 022



As expected, I skipped out to Wal-Mart and purchased it 2 days later – and as of today, we’ve watched it 2 more times and plan to again tonight 🙂

Here’s our favorite alternative version of Let It Go (Thanks, Rachel, for this one!)

Have you seen it? Are you obsessed?!

Toilet paper – take 2

Well, remember this post?!

Shortly after I found this on our front porch:

Birthday and autumn 027

I assumed that the toilet paper ‘fairy’ was one of 2 neighbors (and the culprit was SARAH!)

But what I didn’t assume was that she played a trick on herself AND on us in this harmless prank!

In her haste to humor us, Sarah ACCIDENTELY bought her family 1 PLY TOILET PAPER with which to tease our family…and herself!

She claims the joke is on her…because they have an entire supply now…BUT I think the joke is STILL on us because we now have 1 MORE ROLL TO GO THROUGH before we can finally be done with this curse!

(Joel thinks that we should use this roll to decorate their house instead of suffering through the agony of 1 ply in the bathroom…we’ll see…)
p.s. Sarah, we love you 🙂


Daddy-daughter campout with our neighbors, Michael and Bailey:

summer 2013 042 summer 2013 043

Smores… summer 2013 045 summer 2013 046 summer 2013 047

Learning to play Bocce Ball summer 2013 048

Hot chocolate by the fire summer 2013 050

And swinging in the almost-dark summer 2013 054

After going to bed a few hours after their normal bedtime and waking up with the sun…the little-bit-tired girls LOVED their special date with their daddy’s (in fact, when I went into the tent to kiss Mylin goodnight, I was promptly told to get out, it was her special time with daddy…)

summer 2013 056 summer 2013 057

After a big breakfast and showers to get the campfire stink (mostly) off, we all decided we couldn’t wait to do it again next summer!


So…I’ve been running.

After Sarah posted this, I got giddy-excited to start some exercise with accountability

It’s super easy for me to get out a few times a week and walk with the kids (and dog), but to do something more cardiovascular – I definitely need accountability! (I could go on and on and on about accountability – so I’ll write another post on that soon…)

From the first run last Sunday, I knew that’s what I was getting!

Sarah is motivated, determined, dependable, kind, super easy to talk to, and looks really pretty early in the morning both pre and post run (I do not understand nor can I relate to this phenomena…).  All-in-all – the perfect partner 🙂 (Read The Better Mom’s recent blog about the importance of a partner)

This entire week I have realized how much more energy I have physically and how improved my emotional state has been

I’ve also begun to crave exercise – I am finding a joy in making it not just a part of some or even most days of my week, but of every day

As I’ve been reflecting on this – I am reminded of a verse I was led to commit to memory several months ago:

“Reject wordly fables, refuse old wives tales.  Instead, train yourself toward godliness.  Although training your body has certain payoffs, godliness benefits all things – holding promise for the life that is coming.”                       – 1 Timothy 4:7&8

When I committed this verse to memory it was in response to a call for discipline from my Late Night Girls Bible Study group – and we all memorized this passage together, in an attempt to grow more intentional about our discipline in God

But now, as this new season of physical training is gaining momentum in my life, I am realizing how God is using this passage to caution me.

I am obviously loving the benefits this physical training is giving me – and how much more will being disciplined in God’s truths and godliness benefit my life in broader ways?

Satan can use so many good practices and habits to steal our focus off the truth and purpose of our lives and how we spend our energy…

In what areas and ways do you have discipline in your life?!

Fun with friends

A little glimpse into our life of friend-sitting and zoo excursions:

fun with friends 001Dress up!

fun with friends 013

Watching our new sidewalk getting worked on

fun with friends 002

Eating a snack…

fun with friends 006

And washing up together!

fun with friends 014  Staying safe at the zoofun with friends 033

And spending time with a long-time friend, Kim!

I realize Sullivan and Joel did not make an appearance in the ‘Fun with Friends’ post…Note that that Joel does, in fact, have friends…but they don’t often take the camera with them to pose for pictures 🙂 And when the camera is there, Joel takes pictures of his wife and her friend 🙂  Also, Sully will be featured in some upcoming posts…and is kind of too little to differentiate too much to have friends.  Though I know that his BEST friend is his big sister 🙂

Come on…

I know how many of you read this (not that there are many…but I do see the stats!)

Yet, most of the time, the only ones that comment are the ladies in my life that already know the stories I post about, or I already know their opinion on it! (Not always…but thank you Brittany, Leslie, and Kim – my biggest fans!)

So…….today I’m going to put out a challenge:

I want you to comment!

My challenge is because I’m not writing this blog for only myself (yes, I love that I have an online journal of my life for memory’s sake) but that I LOVE learning – and I want to learn from you!

When I write about our struggles, or questions, or about what we are changing in our life – I’m hoping that you will be able to give some feedback on how you simplify; strive to be more like Christ; train your kids hearts; what you’re baking in the kitchen; what you are studying, etc.

SO…today I am going to have 5 questions that I want each of you to respond with your own answers!

1. How are you celebrating Christmas this year in a new way? We aren’t getting gifts for each other (Joel & I) and we are doing the Christmas Adventure Box

2. What is your FAVORITE holiday recipe? My mom’s fudge 🙂

3. What is your favorite Christmas song? Carol of the Bells: Trans-Siberian Orchaestra or the vocal version by Point of Grace (paired w/another favorite ‘What Child is This?)

4. What was your favorite Christmas present ever? Oreo – a black & white kitten when I was like 4

5. What has been your favorite moment of 2012? Sullivan Joel’s arrival into our family 🙂