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Smiles and Faces

A little update on life at home with 3 babes, 3 and under:

Snow and March 002When dad is home alone with the kids…I find pictures like the above when I upload my camera…

Snow and March 005 Snow and March 008 Snow and March 009Trying to catch a smile from Mr. off-the-charts-in-weight (he switched into 9 month clothes last week at 10 WEEKS OLD)

Snow and March 010 Snow and March 011 Snow and March 012Family ‘selfies’ are difficult with all the silliness and energy!

Snow and March 013 Snow and March 014 Snow and March 015Siblings!? YES Twins?! LOOKS LIKE IT!

 Snow and March 018

He usually likes to smear syrup like this on Saturday mornings promptly following a bath (sigh)…but this day it was blue frosting

Thankful for a happy and joyful family (most of the time – well, at least enough of the time that I can document it!)



You better believe we’ve caught the fever:

frozen pictures

Like, a year ago, I saw this teaser trailer:

Wouldn’t that hook you?!

However, we didn’t run to the theater to watch it (even though we have a 3 year old daughter – I know, shocker!) and on a whim, picked it up at Redbox last week when it came out

We loved it so much, I decided we’d watch it again the next morning before we had to return it – so, we HAD to invite Miss Bailey over to enjoy it with us!

Snow and March 021 Snow and March 022



As expected, I skipped out to Wal-Mart and purchased it 2 days later – and as of today, we’ve watched it 2 more times and plan to again tonight 🙂

Here’s our favorite alternative version of Let It Go (Thanks, Rachel, for this one!)

Have you seen it? Are you obsessed?!

How You Can Give a Home to Abandoned Babies (a repost from The Better Mom blog)

Us mom’s can tend to have bleeding hearts for children – any kind of child.  We want to help, fix, heal, hold, kiss, hug, and love them.  What can we do with this abundance of God-given-mothering that spills over and overflows from our own families?!  Head over to The Better Mom blog today and read about a recent journey to Africa and how we can help provide a home for abandoned babies.

May your weekend be blessed – not just with comfort and peace and that which we determine as ‘good,’ but with God’s presence, communion with Him, and an attitude of joy


I CANNOT get enough of this song, lately:

You won’t regret the 9 minutes you take out of your day to worship!

A glimpse of heaven

It appeared as if winter would never end.

It took it’s toll on our town (and our favorite place to exercise!)

February and airplane 057 February and airplane 058 February and airplane 059 February and airplane 060

But TODAY was a glimpse of heaven!  In the 50s for 2 days, we have been going crazy with family walks outside and finally back to playing on the deck 🙂

February and airplane 067 February and airplane 070 February and airplane 068 February and airplane 066

Thank you, sunshine 🙂

Poor Olson sleeps all the time (what a baby) and missed out!

But, I have a poor quality photo to show him off when he was awake some random day this last week:

February and airplane 064It’s true what they say about multiple kids: you stop documenting things and taking pictures of them. (And, apparently, you stop blogging regularly as well.)

I’ll try to update you soon on my ginormous 9 week old (weighing in at almost 15 1/2 pounds he’s off the charts for his age and growing out of 6 month clothes and into 3 month diapers. Yep.)

What did you do with your wonderful “first day(s) of spring?”