Monthly Archives: September 2013


I’ve found it difficult to come up with blog posts this month (obviously!).

I have some pictures to download and stories to tell…but I find myself spending my time…..somewhere else!

I don’t even know if I can pinpoint where it’s spent (and I don’t think that’s a good thing…), but a lot of it is spent reading and being encouraged, challenged, convicted, and called to action

The Better Mom is a blog I refer to often around here and I just love the rawness and authenticity of the writers.  Monday is a traditional Link-up day with them – and while I’m still figuring out how to actually do that…I will refer to them – head on over to The Better Mom and read their insight for The Hurried Mom, today!

The creator of The Better Mom, collaborated with her husband and MANY other writers and authors to begin another blog called For the Family. AGAIN I am daily encouraged and enriched, challenged and convicted, and drawn into scripture through their posts.  I especially love the line in today’s that reads:

“I want to understand God’s purpose for family and live purposefully. I want to discover God’s specific calling for my family and together, live out that calling.

I want my family to live authentically and, together, grow into the likeness of Christ and authentically share the Good News of Jesus with all those around us.”

Head on over to For the Family and read today’s post about God’s Purpose for your Family

Lastly – did you hear that Jen Hatmaker’s family is going to have a t.v. show?!  For all of us that read 7 and got rid of our excess (including satellite, cable, or even t.v.’s!), we are bummed that we won’t be able to follow it in it’s true form – but are desperately scrambling to find a way to watch it on HGTV still 🙂


What have you read lately that has you stopping to think? ponder? pray? or search?