Parenting a toddler…

I love having a toddler
Part of me wishes that I would be blessed with a child in this stage for the rest of my life!
It is so joyful, unexpected, surprising, and funny!

It is a lot of hard things too:
Like constant (feels like it…) discipline
Deciphering of words/sentences/demands…
Taking away her pacifier and going through the crying it out to sleep again…(which, by the way, we started on Tuesday night and she has adjusted in 3 short days!!!!!!!!!! YAY!)
Teaching her everything…how to share, how to ask nicely, how to pray, when to be quiet, when to sit down…the list goes on!

We love the anticipation of seeing how her personality develops!
I am so anxious to watch how her heart will grow for the Lord, how she will make and treat her friends, what her desires and passions will become, and what she will be like as a big sister!

The best part of parenting a toddler right now?!
How she keeps us smiling, laughing, and mimicking her all day long with these awesome expressions and faces!

SERIOUSLY. She is the best thing EVER
What is your favorite stage to parent?!

5 responses to “Parenting a toddler…

  1. I think every stage you are currently in feels the best! The pros/cons change with each age so much that it make it all enjoyable! I have to say that I LOVE it when they can do stuff for themselves. You start to see this fruit you've been trying to train for all the years prior come to pass and you wonder how they ever learned some of it (you realize it's the work of the Lord making up for the areas you lack in).

  2. She is so adorable! I love the expressions πŸ™‚

  3. I just love seeing her ant Kari's. Jace and Mylin are the best face makers ever!! They must get that from their daddy's! lol I love asking her who is here and hearing her yell Daddy!!!! what a doll! Can't wait to see the next one:-)) Debbie C

  4. Wow!! Those expressions are a hoot!!! I think I am amazed at the joy each phase brings, so I think every day is better than the last! πŸ™‚ Thank you for sharing with us!

  5. She is so cute!! She has blonde hair and blue eyes like her daddy – I've never noticed this so strikingly! πŸ˜€

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