Monthly Archives: August 2014

Ok, so…

I do really love blogging.  Honest.

I just choose not to make time for it anymore right now because:

Some days I wipe 3 poopy butts all in a row (not including my own, people) and it takes a really long time.  I mean, 2 of them are cloth diapered and that whole process is more than I really want to write about.  Then the oldest one, well, we waver back and forth between “making it in time” and “skidmarks”…so, yeah.

The past 4 days I’ve been consumed with either canning peaches that were ready when I wasn’t, or familial obligations out-of-state which meant I had to pack water, diapers, packnplay, snacks, emergency snacks, suckers, extra snacks, puffs, baby food, spoons, bibs, stroller, toys, extra underwear, just-in-case clothes, pajamas, extra diapers, sunscreen, sunglasses, a dish to share, and my phone charger – all for a trip that took as long as it did to be at the actual reunion.

Oh, and the peaches that I’ve ‘finished’ canning?  I was so excited to have the last canner on that I forgot to bring it to a ‘slow boil’ and almost exploded one of the cans (read: they didn’t all seal – so WASTE OF MY TIME)

Some days, like today, I have some poop on my leg that isn’t even mine.

There are a lot of little people needing constant attention in my house.  At any given moment someone is learning how to unload the dishwasher while simultaneously fighting with their sibling about not getting to have the yellow car that they want, even though they do have a yellow car of their own.  While the younger sibling is fighting with the sibling doing a chore, he also yells at the recently mobile baby for pushing and biting on his chair which, by the decibel of his screams, informs me that he believes his life is in mortal danger.  Lastly, that baby spits up on the floor and then army crawls through it causing the older siblings to panic, but then he manages to slide through the spit up in such a way that none of us can find it on the carpet once I am alerted because the he has smooshed it into his onesie and the carpet and speaking of the baby, where’d he crawl off to?  Oh, there he is, sucking on my gardening shoe and playing with the cord from the monitor.  Did I mention that this all happened in the span of 30 seconds?  If so much takes so little time, why does it feel like I can never get anything done?

Then there’s Monday: laundry day.  Today I luckily looked at most of the shirts and caught a sticker before throwing it in and causing the entire kids laundry load to stick together from the residue of those wonderful yet cursed little joy-bringers.

And my hair?  I trimmed it, 4 months ago.  I think.  (it is time, Simba)

Some evenings, when my knight-in-shining-armor returns home to save all of us from nearly annihilating each other over whose turn it is to draw on the magnadoodle, I find myself standing in awkward positions, like a started walking and then stopped with only one foot on the ground, transfixed by what is going on in the Instagram world, and suddenly snap out of it to realize everyone is happy in the living room and 13 minutes have passed me by and I can’t even remember whose name is ‘sweeet_sally_16’ because I don’t even know any Sally’s, but man, I must have needed some detox time.

Then there are the projects.  The computer armoire, bookshelf, stool, and possibly some walls need painted.  The new curtains need hung, but I don’t have the right rings (or the right curtain rods depending on how you look at it).  There are a pile of frames without a home.  We started a compost bin but it’s not in the correct spot.  There are STILL TOMATOES GROWING IN MY GARDEN.  Joel brought me a pallet and says he has an endless supply at work (I just clicked over to Pinterest to make a board of projects for pallets that I probably will never get to, boohoo, and ended up wasting 17 minutes).  And I have this grand idea of a bedroom redo (thanks, The Nesting Place) but so far, it’s still a mess and we have no time to ‘fix’ it.

I could go on some more, I think, but I have a few laundry basket’s of clothes to fold, the boys are napping, and I really would rather be reading Unglued by Lysa TerKeurst or blogs from some of my friends that do still make time for some creative outlet

And for the 3 of you that still read this (Hi, Mom!), thank you, without your feedback, it would feel like this was a giant waste of my time 🙂