You better believe we’ve caught the fever:

frozen pictures

Like, a year ago, I saw this teaser trailer:

Wouldn’t that hook you?!

However, we didn’t run to the theater to watch it (even though we have a 3 year old daughter – I know, shocker!) and on a whim, picked it up at Redbox last week when it came out

We loved it so much, I decided we’d watch it again the next morning before we had to return it – so, we HAD to invite Miss Bailey over to enjoy it with us!

Snow and March 021 Snow and March 022



As expected, I skipped out to Wal-Mart and purchased it 2 days later – and as of today, we’ve watched it 2 more times and plan to again tonight 🙂

Here’s our favorite alternative version of Let It Go (Thanks, Rachel, for this one!)

Have you seen it? Are you obsessed?!


4 responses to “FROZEN

  1. I’m not sure if we’re obsessed but it has become part of our morning routine. Wake up, eat breakfast, brush teeth, get dressed/watch Frozen.

  2. hahaha … I can’t believe how many times you’ve watched it!!! Although, Klint just said tonight that he is ready to watch it again. We may be knocking on your door AGAIN….if, that is, you can spare it for a little while 🙂

    Agreed, such a great movie.

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