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A week’s worth of groceries

My friend, Rachel, sent me this link the other day to show what a week’s worth of groceries looked like around the world

(Check out that link before reading the following post!)

This has given me such perspective on how we spend our money; how easily it is to be wrapped up in the consumer culture and just drive into town to pick up drive-thru instead of making a nutritous meal for my family; and how much we waste when so much of the world is in want.

Not to mention it leads me onto a wild thought-pathway of not being content with what I have (i.e. bored with the food in my pantry or eating the same thing too many times), yet so many eat the same meals every day…or every meal!

Reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker helped introduce me to self-denial, perspective, and simplification in this area.

But after my food fast month that went bust…I have slowly adopted back some of our poor habits

How do I make lasting changes?

For us it has really helped to look back at our eating habits last month, last year, or when we first got married and to see the small, slow changes we’ve made really has made a drastic difference in what our diet is over time.

So I keep pressing onward, making one more change at a time, trying to treat my body as God’s temple, and respect the money and abundance of food that he has given us the responsibility to have.

Fun with friends

A little glimpse into our life of friend-sitting and zoo excursions:

fun with friends 001Dress up!

fun with friends 013

Watching our new sidewalk getting worked on

fun with friends 002

Eating a snack…

fun with friends 006

And washing up together!

fun with friends 014  Staying safe at the zoofun with friends 033

And spending time with a long-time friend, Kim!

I realize Sullivan and Joel did not make an appearance in the ‘Fun with Friends’ post…Note that that Joel does, in fact, have friends…but they don’t often take the camera with them to pose for pictures 🙂 And when the camera is there, Joel takes pictures of his wife and her friend 🙂  Also, Sully will be featured in some upcoming posts…and is kind of too little to differentiate too much to have friends.  Though I know that his BEST friend is his big sister 🙂

Bedtime manipulations

A few nights ago, our sweet, almost 3 year old was using her standard manipulation tactics to forego sleeping.

fun with friends 012A not-so-magical mother’s day picture 🙂

After asking for a drink, to poop, to blow her nose, and who knows what else, she comes into our room to find us watching something on the computer.  I was sitting on Joel’s lap on the computer chair and this is what she said:

“You guys are cute.”

We said: “Mylin, why are you up?”

Mylin replied: “Well, my hair is in my eyes.  You guys are cute.”  And back to bed she went.


This past week, when Joel came to the door (we put the gate back up since she needs smaller boundaries again!) because she was awake she said, “Daddy, do you have three nipples?”

It was ALL we could do to keep from laughing!

She is enthralled by a large mole Joel has under his arm and often confuses it with his nipples 🙂


What hilarious things have come out of your toddler’s mouths lately?!?!

A time-out to worship

Need 5 minutes to cry out to God today?!

Worship and sing and cry and pray with this song:

Chris Tomlin’s Whom Shall I Fear

I love when God puts this song on the radio when our alarm goes off – no better way to start my day than with these lyrics!


Reasons I love my husband of five years:

5. He’s adventurous

(cut to him in the woods in Northern Michigan later this month searching and hiking and praying to find these…not to mention being married to me and the father of our children would pretty much qualify as an adventure in itself)

4. He has a teachable heart

(He’s been involved in some serious men’s ministry at our faith community the past two years.  It has changed him, our marriage, and our lives.  To learn more, check out Men’s Fraternity HERE…oh, and also he reads all the time – about becoming a better dad, or husband, orphanages in China, and even Jen Hatmaker’s, 7! I even got him addicted to listening to Andy Stanley sermons)

3. He is in love with our kids700_5005-Edit-Edit-Edit

2. He’s my best friend

(I seriously tell him regularly how awesome he is for enduring me this long – I think I could be exhausting and overwhelming to anyone who didn’t love me like he does)

1. He’s crazy about Jesus

(I am the absolute luckiest to have him as a husband. Period.)

Happy 5th Anniversary, Baby!

I love you!

(Hope to get a picture of us celebrating this year – but until this afternoon he’s in Oklahoma for work 😦 Maybe by this weekend!)

(catch up on our 4th anniversary, 3rd anniversary, and 2nd anniversary)


I’m reading Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working by Craig Groeschel

It’s all about taking the narrow road

Look around…does your life look like your neighbor’s? Your family’s? Your friend’s?

If it does – chances are you are not on the narrow road that Jesus calls us too…

This is a huge wake-up call to us.

For the month of May, Joel and I are going to spend much time in specific prayer over how to pursue the narrow road and surrender our home, family, and life to bringing God glory by loving our neighbors

Anyways – the goal of this post was to write out some excerpts from this book’s section on ‘Giving’

In the chaper labeled ‘A generous eye’ Craig talks about 3 ways of giving:

1. Spontaneous giving – when you see a need, you fill it. It’s ‘not a deliberate lifestyle commitment, only a reaction, and often an emotional one at that – compassion for the homeless person, guilt over the unused car in your garage.  Again not a bad thing – but simply not enough to cultivate a consistent generous vision.’

2. Strategic giving – They’re intention.  They think it through.’ They’re tithers.  They realize: ‘Giving is not something we do; generous is who we are.  True to God’s promise, when we commit to giving consistently, we grow closer to him and see his purposes with new eyes.’

3. Sacrificial giving – ‘They don’t just believe that the things of this world don’t matter; they completely live that way.;;  The more we have, the greater the responsibility and opportunity – to be a blessing.’

What do you think?

What is God stirring in your heart in the way of giving and generosity?!