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So this food fast has been ridiculous

I could go into all the details of why, but then I’d be continuing to take the focus off of God and I can’t keep getting stuck in the trap that Katie from CardiganWay describes on LifeWay today.

So I’m going to keep this one simple w/a brief update and a longer re-focusing proposal

10 days.

That’s how long I lasted eating only 10 foods.

Because of digestion issues, obsession over food, and realizing I had not ushered anymore of God into the void that I had made from food.

My intentions were good…but the result was ugly


So, here we are – 4 days later from the switch and our focus is clearer and more Christ-like

We are now tracking all of our eating and exercise on

We are discussing the importance of exercise in our weekly and daily life – not only for our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well

We are still fasting from some foods (desserts and coffee) . . . but not all of them!

Most importantly, we are memorizing the WORD

Phillipians 4:8

1 Peter 1:13-16

1 Timothy 4:7-8

The Fruits of the Spirit

The Armor of God

Romans 12:18

(just to name a few to encourage you to join with us!)

And we are spending a lot of time talking

We’re in preparation for doing a Marriage Challenge next (the month of April)

We want to take back our intentionsย to becoming more like Christ fromย  “a feat to conquer, a hill that I climb up, determined to stake my flag at its pinnacle,” as Katie so eloquently stated earlier today


If you haven’t left because of my annoying posts and reposts about those 10 dang foods, THANK YOU, for sticking around ๐Ÿ™‚

I ask for your grace and forgiveness as we try to pull ourselves out of the mud that we’ve allowed these good intentions to dissolve into


The Food Challenge

So we’re wrapping up February and the Clothes Challenge!

I’ll have 1 more post at the end of this month by a Guest (my friend Sarah) and a GIVEAWAY!

Check back on Thursday ๐Ÿ™‚


Before we wrap up the clothes, I want to prepare us for March’s FOOD CHALLENGE

This month’s challenge can look any way you want…fasting from a particular food, type of food, way of spending ON food…or being more intentional about what you are purchasing or what you are eating

My sweet, spectacular husband and I are going to be choosing 10 food items to eat from for the month of March

Here is our unofficial list:





peanut butter






What do you think?!

I’m still trying to figure out our ‘freebie’ list…

It will include salt, pepper, and olive oil…but still deciding if including salad dressing or vinegar is acceptable…plus juice for smoothies and milk for every day consumption

Thoughts? Feedback?

We also have a few situations where we may momentarily stray from our foods…but I have my gals giving me feedback on those circumstances and then I’ll reveal them to you for your judgment thoughts and views

Prayer request for this month: THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD.

You’re reading a blog from a gal who LOVES her sweets.

Since Novemeber I have uncovered an obsession love for baking…to accompany my long-time friend of over-indulgence enjoying desserts ๐Ÿ™‚

So pray that I don’t crash and burn daily with this challenge.

After considering my list, however, I realized that I will be able to enjoy me some homemade peanut butter banana ice cream! I think I may be able to survive…


So – who’s with me?!

What will your challenge be?!

What do you think of our list of foods?!

I’m really excited to see what God does in my heart this month…coupled w/the groundwork he’s laid during the clothes challenge and the scripture memorization we are challenging ourselves w/in Late Night Girls Bible Study – it is bound to be a gloriously difficult month of growth!


Obedience: Health

Well, I know this is no news flash…but I had a baby 3 months ago (Yay Sully is 3 months old already!!!)
That means that I’m on the way down from a huge weight gain

With Mylin I gained 35 pounds over the 9 months I was pregnant with her and lost it in about 4 months
And then I gained 40 pounds with my big boy this past year!! (He was a pound bigger than her at birth….)
And here I am, 13 weeks later looking at how to lose the rest of my baby weight with him…

I had been struggling to lose the last 15 for over a month…but I had 7 of those MELT AWAY the last 2 weeks!!!
And this is how I think I did it:

1. Breastfeed my baby boy! This helps the pounds come off and my mood stay elevated (which in turn effects everything else in a positive way!)

2. Started reading Made to Crave by Lysa TerKeurst
– basically, it’s all about how God created us to crave…but that is meant for Him, not food, sex, shopping, smoking, drinking, facebook checking, desserts, etc. etc…

3. I’ve begun to add these things to my diet:
– attempting to drink as much water as ‘prescribed’: 8 8oz glasses a day
– eating at least 1 apple a day – which contains pectin, which naturally gels and slows down my digestion, keeping me fuller for longer
– eating a spinach and fruit smoothie every afternoon (I make with fruit juice, so I still get the not-so-good-for-me sugar)

4. I’ve begun to eliminate these things from my diet:
– cow’s milk: it’s natural job is to make big baby calves into even bigger adult cows…
– bread: this has been hard – I LOVE my breads…but I’m open to learning and experimenting to baking gluten free and substituting peanut butter toast to start my morning with peanut butter and apples…

Next on my list is oatmeal – something I don’t love…but think I can experiment with and enjoy!

What I’m not giving up: All sugar.  I love dessert, cake, brownies, cookies, and ice cream.  And dove chocolate. And rolos. And hershey’s kisses ๐Ÿ™‚
And here lately homemade ice cream – from a super simple recipe that I don’t even need an ice cream maker for!!!
(If you don’t want to crave these extra calories you better not click on that link!)

So while I do want to decrease my sugar intake – I am still going to enjoy a good dessert once in awhile (just not 6 cookies during naptime while I facebook…)

So…I’m looking for more ideas!
Shout out to Kami and Leslie who have blazed the trail before me!
Send me over your best kept health secrets (if they aren’t that big of secrets!)

update on plans, hopes, and dreams

Remember our plans, hopes, and dreams for 2011?!
I thought since we were about 1/2 way through the year, it was time for an update!

Joel has found out where Franklin is moving to: about 35 minutes north of us in south Fort Wayne – yay for not having to sell our house and relocate! boo for the option of sharing lunches together during the week being gone ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
And this man definitely supported me as I finished my degree in May – I could not have accomplished it without his understanding, encouraging, motivating, and selfless attitude.  His support, help, and reaffirmation of using my gifts in this way made it possible for me to finish, even as a new mom!  I am blessed with God’s perfect match for me.
He also celebrated his 5 year anniversary with them a couple weeks ago!  This might not mean anything to you, but for us it means an extra week of vacation each year which we are ALL looking forward to! (not for actual vacations, but for more time to spend together!)
He has lost 10 more of his 15 lbs to go! (total of 20 in 8 months!!!) This man is a rock star.
And he also trained for a ran (most of) the Indy Mini!
He sure meets his goals quickly – its 6 months into the year and all he has left is 5 lbs to lose!

I have most definitely finished graduate school and now can sign my name, Rachel Draper, MA ๐Ÿ™‚
I also am employed part-time as a counselor with Life Matters Counseling, a ministry of Youth for Christ
I trained for an ice cream eating contest the Indy Mini this spring as well and ran a bit and walked a lot of it!
And while I haven’t become more involved in worship ministry at our church yet (I was planning on playing the keys once in awhile) I am definitely in the middle of ministry transformation…just praying for guidance on where, how, and to who God wants me to minister…for more info check out the ‘radical living’ tab on my blog

Our sweet little miss Mylin…she has done SO much that I don’t know if I can even report it all!
She currently has 8 teeth showing – which makes for an absolutely ADORABLE grin!
She has been taking steps for about 4 weeks now, but still hasn’t taken off across a room yet! (we are ok with that, she has this awesome, spider-like crawl with her head down to battle Eme’s licks)  ๐Ÿ™‚
And she is going to turn 1 year old in 10 days!!! I can hardly believe that!
As for words…she is really taking off here too!  She says mama, daddy, meow, bite, milk; she signs more, and all done; and she can wave byebye, clap, click her tongue, blow bubbles, pretend she’s talking on her ‘phone’ (hand) to daddy at work, make farting noises with her mouth, and bounce on command – she is absolutely amazing!

Now…what we’ll we accomplish during the next 6 months?!

What have YOU accomplished lately?!

2011 Plans, Hopes, and Dreams

When designing this post, I have kept it on hold for many weeks as Joel and I have discussed what we wanted to write in it
I like the few things we’ve added, but frustrated with myself for the lack of hopes and dreams I have for this year
Where am I going?

This is what we’ve come up with so far:

…will find out where Franklin Electric’s headquarters are moving to (which will determine if there is a move in the future for us!)
…will support Rachel as she finishes her degree
…celebrate his 5 year anniversary with FE
…hopes to lose 15 (more) pounds towards his weight loss goal! (he’s lost about 10 in the last 2 months!)
…will train for running his first half marathon!

…will graduate with her M.A. from Huntington University!
…wants to find a part-time job as a counselor
…will train for her first half marathon (may do a run/walk combo…)
…will begin to become more involved in worship ministry at church

…will get more teeth!
…learn to walk and talk
…turn one year old ๐Ÿ™‚
…will tell us ‘I love you mommy’ and ‘I love you daddy’!!!!!!!!!! (we sure hope!)


i have a toothache so severe it required an ’emergency’ dentist appt. early tuesday afternoon…oops.
i have to have some type of surgery on it (root canal or complete removal), to be determined early next week…oops
it ran so late that by the time i was able to leave to make it to my class it wasn’t worth my time in driving (first class i ever missed in 2 1/2 years of grad school!)…oops
i went to the grocery instead and nursed my sore tooth with impulse dessert buying (sweet moments chocolate/caramel cake finger food things, chex mix new holiday cocoa mix, mud slide ice cream, and oreos and pudding for my most recent dessert addiction)…BIG oops.
(nevermind that i’m enjoying some of these as i write this post!
and lastly, tonight when i got home i sneezed so loud and hard that i woke my precious baby from a nap and caused a freak crying fit from her…oopsies.

how’d your day turn out?!