She got ahold of the camera again…

And here’s the BEST of the damage done during ‘bedtime’ while I was downstairs making snacks for Joel’s Bible study that was going on…

stinker picture taker! 013 stinker picture taker! 019 stinker picture taker! 022 stinker picture taker! 023 stinker picture taker! 024stinker picture taker! 026 stinker picture taker! 030 stinker picture taker! 032 stinker picture taker! 034

What are your favorites?! The inside of Mylin’s nose (1, 2, or 3…), Sullivan’s cheese-face, the ones where the camera strap is in the way, or the close up of Olson’s sock in our pile of clean laundry needing to be put away?!



3 responses to “She got ahold of the camera again…

  1. Love Sully’s face!!!

    Leslie Sent from my iPhone


  2. definitely sully’s face through the crib πŸ™‚ but picture #1 is pretty good, too. I, also, have a slew of pictures taken at a little girl’s eye level πŸ™‚

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