Smiles and Faces

A little update on life at home with 3 babes, 3 and under:

Snow and March 002When dad is home alone with the kids…I find pictures like the above when I upload my camera…

Snow and March 005 Snow and March 008 Snow and March 009Trying to catch a smile from Mr. off-the-charts-in-weight (he switched into 9 month clothes last week at 10 WEEKS OLD)

Snow and March 010 Snow and March 011 Snow and March 012Family ‘selfies’ are difficult with all the silliness and energy!

Snow and March 013 Snow and March 014 Snow and March 015Siblings!? YES Twins?! LOOKS LIKE IT!

 Snow and March 018

He usually likes to smear syrup like this on Saturday mornings promptly following a bath (sigh)…but this day it was blue frosting

Thankful for a happy and joyful family (most of the time – well, at least enough of the time that I can document it!)

2 responses to “Smiles and Faces

  1. So sweet! I love to see all the smiles and silliness ❤

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