5 weeks old!

This sweet doll baby: Olson's firth month 017Is 5 weeks old!!!!!!!


Man he’s cute.  And huge.  He’s wearing a 6 month onesie in this picture taken today because he weighs NEARLY 13 POUNDS!!!

Yeah, I know. Whoa.

What a blessing he’s been to our family.  He has calmly slipped right into our routine and I am so thankful for this newborn to provide me with so many opportunities to be patient, selfless, and gracious.  God has so intricately woven His lessons into each experience of our lives.  THANK YOU GOD for gifting us with sweet Olson and all the lessons that go along with him 🙂

Here are few photos of our first month 🙂

first bottle!Olson's firth month 002Meeting family 🙂 Olson's firth month 004 Olson's firth month 007 Olson's firth month 011

Keeping ourselves entertained with a photo session 🙂 Olson's firth month 020Mylin busted her nose last night 😦 poor Rudolph…) Olson's firth month 021 Olson's firth month 022

Love this little man!!!!


2 responses to “5 weeks old!

  1. lol look at that chunky little guy!!! That is adorable!!! 🙂

  2. his double chin is too much for me to handle!

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