Snowed in

We’ve been snowed in since the day Olson was born!  First at the hospital and now at home 🙂  With few outings, we’ve had to get creative to keep from being bored, and also have taken some pictures to document our time as a family of five!  Here’s the rundown:

snowed in! 003They have obviously learned the importance of bouncing on a birth ball.  And the fun of it 🙂snowed in! 004

snowed in! 005Olson is not as amused.snowed in! 007Blanket time! (wow, My and Sul are HUGE)snowed in! 011A favorite Christmas gift: indoor trampoline!snowed in! 027And being SUPER silly pulling each other around in this plastic wagon NOT rated for over 10lbs, I’m sure…snowed in! 029

snowed in! 031Always, always ALWAYS asking to hold Ollie 🙂snowed in! 032

snowed in! 033Suckers on the stairs while listening to Adventures in Odyssey after lunch!snowed in! 034

 We’re getting into a groove.  Because I enjoy routines…and also because being snowed in demands some sort of sanity!

What have you done this month while being snowed in?!?!

4 responses to “Snowed in

  1. haha, your kids have the BEST smiles! 😀

  2. so cute!

    I love that your kiddos are listing to Adventures in Odyssey!

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