The first night…

Remember my first day at home alone with 2 kids?!  Well I haven’t had my first day at home with 3 yet, but we did have our first night at home as a family of 5…and it was eventful, to say the least.

1:30pm: Mommy, Daddy, and Olson arrive home!  We put stuff away and rest all afternoon

5:30pm: Mylin and Sullivan arrive to meet their new brother! (along with both sets of grandparents).  Pictures, kissing, hugging, and holding ensue.

Olson Emmanuel 011 Olson Emmanuel 023 Olson Emmanuel 024

7:00pm: Mylin is intrigued by Olson’s diaper change and gets close enough to get peed on.  Hysterical crying and confusion and bathroom fleeing follow while the rest of us chuckle and try to calm her down.  (Sullivan uses this opportunity to climb onto mama’s lap.  It is evident he is a bit jealous of my lap and this new little boy consuming it…).

8:00pm: Mylin and Sully go to bed.  LOTS of getting up, asking questions, wanting to see Olson and other excuses continue for about an hour.  Then there is lots of giggling coming from their room.  They sure missed getting to share a room while at grandma’s house

9:30pm: Exhausted daddy goes to bed and mommy gets alone time for some devos, reading blogs and emails and winding down.

10:30pm: I nurse Olson and put him down in the pack-n-play in our room.  We’ve never had a room-in baby before…but mommy was a little too emotional to let him be too far on our first night…

11:00pm: I pump. My milk came in way fast and Olson cannot keep up with it.  During this time I hear O-baby have a huge blowout.  During the diaper change, more newborn poopy explodes into his nice cozy swaddler. 😦

11:30pm: I crash

12: 30am: Joel and I both wake up and talk for a little bit, during which time we hear what sounds like a fountain coming from Olson’s bed…it turns out he just projectile spit up 😦  We’re both a little shaken by the sound and the fact that it happened and thankful he was in our room or we wouldn’t have heard it!

1:00am: Everything is cleaned and changed and we’re back in bed

1:30am: The empty bellied boy cannot be comforted and mommy nurses him again, but in bed with daddy so we can all lie together and be cozy

3:00am: I wake up abruptly, realizing here lies Olson still!  I have no idea how much he ate and am a bit frightened we slept with him in our bed when we were SOOO exhausted!

3:30am: Inconsolable Olson cannot be put back to sleep in pack-n-play.  Falling asleep (for Mommy) during a feeding is not good, because baby doesn’t get a full feeding!  I nurse him and put him back to bed, again.

Next: I have no idea what happened next.  I am officially delirious.

6:45am: Mylin pops into our room and asks to hold Olson and wants to know when she can help me pick out his outfit for the day.  She is promptly put back in bed and mommy and daddy go back to sleep.

7:30am: book time for kids, shower for Joel, and our day ‘officially’ begins

I think I love my new life 🙂



5 responses to “The first night…

  1. I am so tired after reading that. lol! I can’t wait to see you in a few hours. Although I still can’t believe you’re having us over!!

  2. I am exhausted!!! So glad my baby is safe and sound in my tummy for 3 more months! Wow! So funny about myelin getting peed on!

    You look so good Rachel!

  3. Sounds exhausting. I can very much relate to the projectile spit up right now. The first week or so is always the hardest…he’ll be settled into a schedule in no time 🙂 Praying for you!! Love ya.

  4. I heard about this post through Joy and just had to go and read it. Honestly it all makes me nervous to start it out again, but reading your cheerful spirit through it all has once again encouraged me. 🙂 SO looking forward to meeting him and catching up!

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