VBAC #3: The Decision

Don’t miss out on Part #1 and Part #2!

We are so thankful that God has provided a Christian doctor who is our advocate in this VBAC journey!  When we first met with him, he was focused, inquisitive, caring, and supportive.  Everything a woman wants in her OB/GYN, but not always what she actually gets…He expressed his passion about VBACs and encouraged our pursuit of one.  He reassured us that he would never arbitrarily recommend a ‘cap’ on our family size (like my previous doctor, and most others, have suggested), unless we all decided for some reason that it would be the absolute best decision for our individual family.  In 18 years of practice he has only made this decision with 2 families.  By the end of the meeting, both Joel and I had cried (out of relief!) and decided God definitely led us to this man to be a part of our third (and fourth and fifth and who knows how many God will bless us with!) child’s birth.

Next on our list, after finding a physician that supported our birth desires and deciding FOR SURE that we would pursue a VBAC, was deciding whether or not we wanted to hire a doula.

Doula: a woman who supports other women – and in our case, during birth

During our time in our VBAC class, going to an ICAN meeting, and my mom’s group, I had come in contact with several doula’s.  Having never even heard of the term ‘doula’ until the last year or so, Joel and our families were curious and perhaps skeptical as to what role this person actually had.  As Joel and I discussed what we wanted in a birth support person, we began to narrow our options and interviewed 2 doula’s.  After we knew which one we would choose IF we chose one, we began to pray and discuss whether we thought it would be beneficial to our birth experience to have a doula.  Joel felt very confident in being my birth partner during this pregnancy (and I was highly confident in him!).  We were blessed and pleased with our decision in a physician, and reassured by him that his nurses would honor, and even be excited about, our birth plan.  Did we really need someone else?  I’m not exactly sure how we made our decision, but we did decide that we would rather regret having a doula (meaning we realized we didn’t need the extra support) than regret not having one and feeling alone at the hospital AGAIN during a birth.  So we hired one!  And after our first official meeting with her, Joel was already raving about her calm demeanor, wealth of knowledge, and quiet disposition.  He was really excited to have her on our team and knew she would be the perfect advocate for us (for the record, I already liked her a lot – knowing her from my mom’s group).  After learning about procedures such as the Vitamin K shot and eye ointment that are standard care for a baby born in the hospital (we might do an entire blog on this stuff!), nailing down our desires for an intervention-free birth and how we planned to accomplish that, learning techniques from spinning babies, and LOTS of prayer support, we weren’t only sold on having a doula for our birth, but we have been recommending it for all of our pregnant friends!  Having a woman who has not only experience the type of birth I want, but also assisted a couple other dozen women in the process puts more of our nerves and anxiety at ease as we approach BIRTH DAY!

God called

We followed

Now we wait and see what He will do

Hopefully our next VBAC post will be a birth story with redemption written all over it!

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  1. PRAYING for you! 🙂

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