Growth Chart

Little Mister is 18 months old!
He is repeating practically everything we say – even to the point that about a month ago we started writing down all of his words in preparation for his 18 month check-up, but by the time it came, there’s no point! He’ll say many regularly and correctly, but most of the time he just repeats anything that Joel, Mylin or I say 🙂

Thanksgivingish '13 003(Can you spot the photo-bomber in the background?!)

He has really begun to love having a ‘baby’ to carry around (a bunny, in most cases) and rocking it, craddling it, patting it’s back, and kissing it.  In the above picture, he was wearing it in his own little sling!  Such a nurturer, just like his big sister – which makes Mommy so happy for the (very near) future when he really will have a baby to love on and nurture!

Anyways, we recently finally finished a project we’ve been wanting to complete since he was born: A Growth Chart!

We were gifted one for Mylin in our family Christmas homemade gift exchange, when she was 6 months old.  So Joel bought the ‘ingredients’ necessary to create one for our little Sully-man!

Thanksgivingish '13 001

Thanksgivingish '13 004Turned out pretty cute, right?!

Now that we finally have that one done…we need to get another one made for the little man’s arrival in just a few short weeks…I wonder what name will be on that board?!


3 responses to “Growth Chart

  1. Did I know you are having a boy?? Maybe I did and I just forgot…but that’s exciting!! 🙂

  2. the WHOLE WORLD is wondering what name will be on that chart!!!

  3. So adorable!!!

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