Pumpkin decorating

All that’s needed is:

1. a big orange pumpkin

2. colorful sharpies

3. either a painting shirt or no clothes at all

4. BIG smiles

Birthday and autumn 024 Birthday and autumn 025

Not many ‘ingredients’!

However, it doesn’t take much for it to all come to a screeching halt

One of the artists poops his pants and the other pees on her chair and before you know it, festive pumpkin decorating is completely over until next year…

4 responses to “Pumpkin decorating

  1. Something looks different about Mylin. Has she always had bangs? She looks so grown up!

    Leslie Sent from my iPhone


    • I’ve just been cutting bangs for her the past few months…can’t remember when I started – but it makes her have less of a baby face, I think! Plus she has wild-late-in-the-evening hair too…good eye, though 😉

  2. lol.. so cute!!

  3. Hahahaha – I love the ending. Pee and poop does tend to be a party buzzkill.

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