Toilet paper mishaps

This just dawned on me this morning…

TWICE this summer I accidentely bought 1 ply toilet paper

1 PLY!

Horrendous – no?!

We are FINALLY on our last roll of 1 ply in the downstairs bathroom….but the roll WILL. NEVER. END.

Maybe by Christmas…

ALSO, TWICE this summer I accidentely dropped an entire roll of toilet paper into the toilet.


Yikes.  Wasteful, no?

And embarrassing to say ‘Hey, I ran out of toilet paper while I was in your bathroom, and then began snooping around to find a replacement roll, and in my zeal and excitement (and covetness) over you having 2 ply, I freaked my freak and then dropped it straight into the toilet that I just peed in.  So….sorry.’

I’m a lovely house guest.

Any toilet paper mishaps  in your life, lately?!


3 responses to “Toilet paper mishaps

  1. haha that is so funny!! and embarrassing!

  2. ok, theoretically, I know the difference between 1ply and 2ply. But I guess I’ve never given it much thought and I don’t know what we have?! I’m weird, right?
    also, my kids drop the roll in the toilet a lot. And I have often looked at it and for a moment thought, I can dry this out and we can still use it. And then I slap myself and tell myself that this is America and I can throw it away and use a clean roll for cryings out loud.

    and finally. I Love your new blog theme. love.

  3. hahaha — this is really funny! thanks for the smile!

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