And suddenly…

Baby Zoe 006This guy isn’t a baby anymore…

Remember when he turned 1 like yesterday?!

And was born like last week?!

Well, now he’s 16 months old and practically ready to begin formal educational lessons…

Ok, not quite.

But seriously, every day, Joel and I are amazed at what he is saying, doing, and capable of

What we’ve predicted is going on in his precious, perfectly-formed little mind, is now coming out of his mouth and in his actions

Silly things like parroting, repeating, and copying everything his big sister says and does (‘head’ stands, spinning, clapping, laughing, blowing raspberries…honestly, she’s probably in love with it most of all because he gives her his undivided attention and affirms every funny thing she does!)

And amazing things like saying ‘I see you’ when looking through holes in anything…book covers, empty picture frames, toys, or even covering his eyes with his hands and taking them off

I am blown away by his capacity and in awe of how God makes these precious blessings!

We seriously do not give them enough credit for what they are able to learn and how they are able to obey as early toddlers…right?!

(personal sidenote: if my 16 month old can learn obedience, surely I, a 29 year old, should be doing better at it by now…)


I am so thankful for Mylin and Sully and cannot believe God saw it fit to give us another one in just a few more short months!


2 responses to “And suddenly…

  1. He is so cute!! You are right – development is truly a miracle!!

  2. I love your kids’ big smiles! And prediction for baby #3–a Y in the name.

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