(belated) Anniversary getaway in snapshots

2 weeks ago, Joel and I were able to get away for 4 days and 3 nights to celebrate 5 years of marriage (a belated celebration trip!).  We wanted to have some adventures, spend lots of time outside, spend lots of time resting, and most of all, give each other undivided attention.  Mission: Accomplished.  Here’s our stay in Mesick, MI and in Ludington, MI in pictures:

5 year anniversary trip 018

A family friend’s cabin in the middle of Manistee National Forest

 5 year anniversary trip 019

You can see the canoes we’re about to board in the background – no pictures of this adventure though, I was too nervous to take our camera! 5 year anniversary trip 028

Hiking through Manistee National Forest and crossing a huge, beautiful suspension bridge

 5 year anniversary trip 034

Joel being silly #1: finding a jeweled something-or-other mushroom (of course…)

 5 year anniversary trip 037

Joel being silly #2: Making my belly and me pose behind a tree 🙂

5 year anniversary trip 038

Joel being silly #3: Trying to climb 2 trees at once…

 5 year anniversary trip 041

SO THANKFUL for our fun and relaxing stay at the cabin! Can’t wait to go back

 5 year anniversary trip 044

Beautiful beach and view of Lake MI from Ludington

 5 year anniversary trip 045

Spending the afternoon soaking in the sun, people-watching, and reading

 5 year anniversary trip 047

 5 year anniversary trip 049

Eating out at Jameston Brewing Company (if only I had the nerve to post ALL pictures we took trying to get our heads and the name of the restaurant in the same shot…….this was pretty much as good as it got…)

5 year anniversary trip 056

Pier and lighthouse on the beach

 5 year anniversary trip 070

 And returning home to be greeted by this lovely Pink family:5 year anniversary trip 072Thanks, Jane and Sarah for making us smile when we returned!

What has been your favorite place to retreat to lately?!


2 responses to “(belated) Anniversary getaway in snapshots

  1. So many cute pictures of the 2 of you!

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