So…I’ve been running.

After Sarah posted this, I got giddy-excited to start some exercise with accountability

It’s super easy for me to get out a few times a week and walk with the kids (and dog), but to do something more cardiovascular – I definitely need accountability! (I could go on and on and on about accountability – so I’ll write another post on that soon…)

From the first run last Sunday, I knew that’s what I was getting!

Sarah is motivated, determined, dependable, kind, super easy to talk to, and looks really pretty early in the morning both pre and post run (I do not understand nor can I relate to this phenomena…).  All-in-all – the perfect partner 🙂 (Read The Better Mom’s recent blog about the importance of a partner)

This entire week I have realized how much more energy I have physically and how improved my emotional state has been

I’ve also begun to crave exercise – I am finding a joy in making it not just a part of some or even most days of my week, but of every day

As I’ve been reflecting on this – I am reminded of a verse I was led to commit to memory several months ago:

“Reject wordly fables, refuse old wives tales.  Instead, train yourself toward godliness.  Although training your body has certain payoffs, godliness benefits all things – holding promise for the life that is coming.”                       – 1 Timothy 4:7&8

When I committed this verse to memory it was in response to a call for discipline from my Late Night Girls Bible Study group – and we all memorized this passage together, in an attempt to grow more intentional about our discipline in God

But now, as this new season of physical training is gaining momentum in my life, I am realizing how God is using this passage to caution me.

I am obviously loving the benefits this physical training is giving me – and how much more will being disciplined in God’s truths and godliness benefit my life in broader ways?

Satan can use so many good practices and habits to steal our focus off the truth and purpose of our lives and how we spend our energy…

In what areas and ways do you have discipline in your life?!

10 responses to “Running…

  1. 🙂 I smiled through this post and totally agree! Love the accountability this has created and truth u speak to me!

  2. really glad you & sarah have each other! (and i know, isn’t she just so pretty all the time?!)

    keep up the good work!

  3. Aww…so neat that you and Sarah are running partners 😉 Never would have guessed that would happen when I was growing up and was friends with both of you (but you didn’t even know each other then). Love how God brings people into our lives!!!

  4. Do you run every morning at 6am?! That is awesome! I dream of having someone to run with every day but it would have to be at, you know, 4am. And who wants to do that? Not me! lol:)

    • Ha! Not every morning 🙂 3 or 4 a week so far…and 4am makes me want to throw up. Though after Mylin was born I did get up at 4:30 a few times a week in order to make it to a 5:15 spinning class (which I LOVED)…but, I’m so over that kind of self-harm motivation 😉

      • haha! I did that same spin class! I remember Julie telling me that you were in it for awhile, now that you mention it. I quit when Billy went back to first shift. Of course, when I was in it, I would go home and sleep until 10:30.

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