A few little things…

Sorry for my lack of posts lately…I spend all of my free time napping or reading other blogs and neglecting my own 🙂

Here’s a short, silly blog to keep things rolling while I upload pictures and formulate more interesting topics to share!


1. I hate toffee – especially butterfingers.  Who in the world loves eating that stuff? You need a dentist to professionally clean your teeth after that – how is it enjoyable?!

2. In our house, if it is yellow, let it mellow.

3. I LOVE a good hot sandwich (I can rarely pass up a Reuben if it’s on the menu).  For me, that consists of lots of gooey cheese and enough sauce to drip and make my hands messy – meat and veggies are appreciated, but optional 🙂

4. I take a nap every day – usually for 60-90 minutes.  And I don’t really foresee that changing any time soon

5. I am picky about the temperature of my coffee.  I like it really hot, so when it is made at home I am constantly reheating it – which gets annoying.  So eventually I usually end up sticking it in the fridge and drinking it later in the day as iced coffee 🙂


What are few little things about yourself that you’d like to share?!

2 responses to “A few little things…

  1. I almost pooped my pants on my run on Monday, but I got home on time. Crisis averted.

    Unlike you (and Dave!) I wait a good 15 minutes at least before drinking my coffee.

    I’m currently deeply madly in love with the Pitch Perfect soundtrack (and movie).

  2. 1) I love toffee. But I tend to let it melt in my mouth instead of chewing it.
    2) I don’t get this one of yours.
    3) I’ve never had a reuben but I love grilled cheese with tomato. The weirder the cheese the better:)
    4) I only take naps when I am completely exhausted. I would rather read or watch a movie…so don’t feel as if I’m doing something productive like cleaning during my kids’ naptimes:)
    5) I like my hot drinks super hot, too. But I tend to drink any drink in about 5 minutes or less. That is why I try to stick with water–otherwise, I tend to drink too much junk.

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