Little Miss 3 year old…

Our sweet Mylin Hadassah is 3, today 🙂

To read all about her birth story, check yesterday’s post

001 She loves to give us cheesey grins 🙂

Her sensitive spirit is balanced well by a daredevil curiosity that we LOVE watching play out.  She is pretty independent most of the day, caring for her babies (Shelby and Rudy), coloring, playing games, helping me in the kitchen, and running circles around her little brother.  We deal with tantrums and fiestiness on a more-than-daily basis, but are confident that our consistent rules and attitudes with her will pay off!  As we prepare to merge her into the nursery with her brother (not for a few more months) we are reminded that many milestones cannot be forced, but must be prepared for – like moving to a big bed (we forced it and none of us were prepared).

We have gotten SO MUCH MORE LAID BACK as parents than when she first arrived on the scene (yay, us!), but probably still appear uptight or controlling to some.   Hey, what we do works for us and we’re confident in it!  We’re always game for suggestions or ideas, though!

We love how much Mylin has grown to love reading and how she now will sit quietly and listen as long as we are willing to read another book (or just one book, again and again and again…).  We’re in awe of her communication which lately has elevated to some pretty elaborate story-telling (thanks to daddy) and days or weeks of overuse of a word, ‘that is hilarious, mom,’ ‘dad, you guys are hilarious’.

She is a mother to everyone (Sullivan, Eme, her dolls, her friends, and even kids at the store), and I KNOW she will be an amazing help (again!) when the new baby comes in 6 months.

Mylin isn’t super cuddly, but does love to crawl into bed with me in the morning or after naps; she likes to have her back, legs, and feet rubbed, and she thinks it is so funny when I give her kisses and she wipes them off.

Mylin, you are more of a blessing to us than you’ll ever realize!  God uses you to do some deep, difficult work within Mommy’s and Daddy’s hearts.  We are so thankful for the tool He uses 🙂  You are an absolute treasure and we’re so thankful you are ours for this short time.

We love you!065

2 responses to “Little Miss 3 year old…

  1. Love this post! She is so sweet.

  2. I didn’t know you were expecting another baby. Congratulations! I’m so excited for you and your family.
    Also, I can’t believe Mylin is 3. It seems like just yesterday you were sitting by me in class and I was feeling her kick. Happy Birthday, Mylin!!!

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