Becoming a mother began 3 years ago…

3 years ago today, I began my journey into motherhood!

While Mylin wouldn’t be born until June 25th, it was precisely in the 2 o’clock hour of June 24th that I was admitted to the hospital in active labor…

Since I haven’t written this story on the blog yet, I’m going to write out Mylin’s birth story today!

So, for those of you that don’t care – come back tomorrow for some cute pictures of the 3 year old 🙂

And for anyone who loves nostalgic memories like I do…indulge me while I write this out (more for me, than you) to remember one of my favorite days of our lives!

My doctor’s appt was at 12:30 on June 24th, 2010.  Joel and I came to the appointment WITHOUT our overnight bags – even though everyone said, ‘Take your bags to those last few appointments…you never know what could happen!’  They were right…we should have!  In fact, the only thing we DID bring with us was a list of boys names (we had a girl name picked out).  A list of NINE boys names…we would have been in some serious decision-trouble!  I was 3 1/2 centimeters dilated, but only having contractions about every 20 minutes.  Our dr. stripped my membranes and let me choose whether I wanted to go home and come back later (if I was in labor) or stay, be monitored and checked again shortly.  We stayed!  We found out nearly an hour later that I was 5 centimeters dilated with closer contractions and we were officially admitted to labor and delivery!

baby Mylin 001 baby Mylin 002

So we called our moms and together they got our bags packed and brought up to us.  We felt some urgency because my dr. was pretty positive I’d have the baby by the time she left for home – 5pm that evening! (only a few hours away…).  We were so excited!

Well, that didn’t happen…and at 6:15 pm we got convinced to have my water broken (in hindsight, this is regret #1) – and for all of you moms out there that have experienced your water breaking…what an interesting feeling/experience, am I right?! Throughout the evening they gave me small doses of Pitocin to speed up my contractions (regret #2) because they weren’t progressing as expected.  Now, we were full on-board to do this whole thing naturally.  And I honestly, REALLY enjoyed labor.  Honestly.  I loved the concentration, the hard work, and the building excitement – not to mention my stellar birth-coach 🙂  But at 5am on June 25th, we were both absolutely exhausted.  Joel may or may not have labeled my labor moaning a ‘death cry’…At this point I told Joel I was done and I wanted to go home.  He was pretty firm in not letting that happen (jerk…just kidding) 🙂

When I looked up at him in the wee hours of the morning and noticed how much he was crying…I realized how difficult this was on him as well.  So since I was adamantly against an epidural, I thought I’d try pain meds (MAJOR regret #3) to see if I could relax enough to finish dilating (I was 9 1/2 by this point – and gals, getting checked at that stage pretty much feels exactly like having the baby come out – not my favorite memory of this story).  This is definitely one of the worst experiences I’ve had.  I hardly remember much of that hour, which I HATE, but I know that Joel wouldn’t tell me what I said during that time…yikes.  I just remember being in and out of consciousness and by the end of it all – STILL NO PROGRESSION!  So, the doctor on call at 6 am insisted I get an epidural, or he was going to do a c-section (he actually told him I’d end up having one either way…he was the real jerk), so I could finish dilating.  It was literally within minutes after that I was a full 10 centimeters (I guess I really did need to relax!).  I remember telling the guy who gave me the epidural how much I loved him 🙂

Later in the morning we began pushing…for THREE HOURS.  During this time we (probably Joel) sent out a few texts to some friends to pray pray pray that I could deliver and not have a c-section – it seemed as though everyone was telling me I’d have to have one.  A huge blessing at this point was that it was Friday morning…a normal business day…which meant my dr. was back!  I was so thankful to have her to make these decisions with me and not the overnight guy who seemed mad I was keeping him awake…

She came in at noon on June 25th (about 24 hours after my appointment with her where this all started!) and told me that they baby was not moving down far enough even though had pushed for so long.  She was turned slightly and my pelvic bones didn’t move out of the way like they needed for her to fit.  A c-section was inevitable.

My heart stopped.

The tears started.

She let Joel and be alone for a few minutes while we cried and prayed and focused on what we were thankful for:

1. Dr. Thomas was back and would do the surgery

2. God created minds that came up with alternative ways for babies to be born

3. This was not an emergency, just the way it had to be for us

We callled our parents and they came up right away.  After I was prepped and heading down the hall to surgery, my parents happened to just check it and were able to hug and kiss and love on us.  Joel got to stay by my side, comfort me, and watch them pull our firstborn out and see and hear, “It’s a GIRL!”  We were so excited, grinning, and sighing with relief that it really WAS Mylin this whole time…like we were hoping 🙂

Joel got to take pictures of her right away and bring them over to me so I could see her

baby Mylin 013 baby Mylin 016


June 25th, 2010 2:03 pm

7lbs 8oz, 19 inches long

I couldn’t wait to get my hands on her 🙂  Joel brought her over to me and just held her next to me so I could see her – I will never forget the way he looked at her – I’ve never seen him look at anyone like that before (except me!).  I couldn’t have been more full of love!

Our parent’s were so excited and thrilled that we had a baby girl and LOVED her name (Mylin is my mom’s maiden name – she was quite surprised!).

While recovery after being in labor so long and then an intense surgery was very difficult, Joel was my knight-in-shining armor, helping me do everything (literally, folks) for those first few days.  I am so thankful for that man!

And while we did have regrets on how this whole experience played out, I am realizing that I have to give those up to God, and seek healing from them and the repercussions they have on any future children we have had and will have.  God is sovereign and we are not to live in fear, but to trust Him.

He gave us this precious gift after all:

Mylin and friends 036 Mylin and friends 037We are so undeserving and striving to do our best to take care of her, for Him!

Thank you, God!


4 responses to “Becoming a mother began 3 years ago…

  1. I loved hearing this (again). I know her birth was such a deviation from plan and has changed some of the future for you (at least with Sully’s birth) but I am so grateful for God taking care of you, providing for you, and bringing that little girl into the world, whatever way it was!!

  2. Ok all I can say is WOW!!! I’m feeling very blessed right now that I had such easy labor and deliveries (of course I had an epidural every time. I’m a baby when it comes to pain). I am now praying that 3rd time is a charm for both of you. To be honest if I had the same experience you did with my first 2 I’m not really sure if Vada would be here:)!!! What a beautiful little blessing Mylin turned out to be!!! Happy 3rd B-day to her!!

  3. That is so neat that she is named after your mom. I didn’t know that is where you got her name. I like hearing people’s birth stories–the good, the bad and the ugly:) And really you have a precious baby girl, so I guess in the end, it’s all good!

  4. Loved reading this. Happy 3rd birthday, sweet Mylin!!

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