Quite a celebration

Finally, I’ve had enough energy and time (at the same time ) to post the pictures from Sullivan’s birthday!

First, our announcement as our guests arrived:

(disclaimer: this was really cute in person – it’s hard to capture in pictures…but this was the message and art – courtesy of Joel – on our sidewalk as our family walked up to the front door!) 053  057



(notice my inflated stick-belly and the words BABY! with an arrow – needless-to-say – all my siblings were shocked! And excited)

On w/Mr. One Year Old:

006 019

Aunt Roni did an A-MA-ZING job with this cake! We are so thankful that she shares her talents with us!

 025 026

It wouldn’t be a family picture if someone wasn’t posing at the right time with the right expression


Out of the 10 (soon to be 11) Merkle grandkids – the 6 bigs were having a hilarious time playing on the hammock


And our sweet, sweet, Virginia – she got Sullivan the CUTEST stuffed kitten – he went crazy when he opened it, grabbing it and throwing himself on top of it and rubbing his face against the fur 🙂

Plus, I got some great shots of them together on this special day

 037 038 043

Yay! Slightly better family picture…


Bushie (Grandma Kari) made this one-of-a-kind onesie to celebrate Sul’s big day!  Check out her Etsy shop HERE to order something of your own 🙂 047 051And to end the Sullivan post……..a picture he isn’t even in……just all the gals – we’re usually only all together 2 times a year – what a special treat that the Alabama family could swing by on their way to Illinois for our big event!

We love you, little one-year-old!

Since that big day you’ve gotten 3 more teeth, starting standing, AND started walking!  What else do you have in store for us?!

2 responses to “Quite a celebration

  1. Cute way to make your announcement to your family 🙂 And Sully started walking??? That was fast!!

  2. That cake is AMAZING! WOW.

    Can’t believe Sully is walking! Happy birthday, buddy!!

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