Little Mister ONE year old

Today we celebrate this sweet little blessing’s addition to our family:
487380_10151567714306708_1691856299_nThank you, Connelly Photography, AGAIN, for amazing pictures of our kids!

Sully’s story began with a scary and anxiety-filled first trimester

Everything progressed well from that point and we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our second child – will it be another little girl or a little boy?!?! (irregardless, we had names narrowed down to like 3 each, with no idea on a middle name…)

With an unexpected emergency at the hospital when my water broke, our calm and exciting birth-day turned into an overwhelming and frightening day filled with lots of information and void of much contact with our brand new son, Sullivan Joel (his birth story)

Thankfully, everything went uphill fast and it wasn’t long before he was in our arms

ND baby 003 ND baby 004 ND baby 005

And safe and sound at home, joining our family πŸ™‚

getting out! 020

This past year has been filled with more growth then I could have ever imagined or anticipated

I wasn’t prepared to mother 2 children, be exhausted, be in daily battle with an aggressive sin-problem with anger, have my 2 year old fight sleeping (note to future self: NEVER elect to move a young child out of crib into a toddler bed.Β  It will never be worth more than the price to just buy another crib…), and learn that in order for God to flourish in my life, and in my children’s lives, I needed to hurry up and die to myself – getting out of the way so that God could fill in those gaps

I am so glad that God gave Sullivan Joel to us so that we could grow closer to Him – what a neat way for God to work in my life!

Sully fits right in to the groove we’ve got going on – adding constant smiles and pretty chill attitude to the every day drama of his big sister and his mommy πŸ™‚

He loves to laugh at Daddy, Mommy, Mylin, Eme, and himself

His favorite toys right now are little cars, plastic balls that he can bang together, and making toys go down the slide on their little zoo, and his sister’s puzzle pieces

He will occasionally say ‘uh-oh’, ‘mama’, and ‘dada’, and is working on getting his 8th tooth through

While he knows how to climb the stairs – he prefers not to and just sits at the bottom, placing toys up on them

We cannot wait to look back on another year with him, God-willing, and see just how many more changes will take place

We are so thankful and grateful for this much undeserved blessing

April showers 006

Who still, on occasion, falls asleep in my arms πŸ™‚

Up North '13 031

Happy Birthday little Buddy/Buster!Β  We love you more than we could ever explain


3 responses to “Little Mister ONE year old

  1. Happy birthday, Sully! It was so much fun seeing you yesterday πŸ™‚

  2. Happy birthday, handsome!!

  3. Aww! Happy birthday little guy!! He is looks like such a sweetheart and a little cuddly bear <3. He is adorable in his hat – such a great picture at the top.

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