A week’s worth of groceries

My friend, Rachel, sent me this link the other day to show what a week’s worth of groceries looked like around the world

(Check out that link before reading the following post!)

This has given me such perspective on how we spend our money; how easily it is to be wrapped up in the consumer culture and just drive into town to pick up drive-thru instead of making a nutritous meal for my family; and how much we waste when so much of the world is in want.

Not to mention it leads me onto a wild thought-pathway of not being content with what I have (i.e. bored with the food in my pantry or eating the same thing too many times), yet so many eat the same meals every day…or every meal!

Reading 7 by Jen Hatmaker helped introduce me to self-denial, perspective, and simplification in this area.

But after my food fast month that went bust…I have slowly adopted back some of our poor habits

How do I make lasting changes?

For us it has really helped to look back at our eating habits last month, last year, or when we first got married and to see the small, slow changes we’ve made really has made a drastic difference in what our diet is over time.

So I keep pressing onward, making one more change at a time, trying to treat my body as God’s temple, and respect the money and abundance of food that he has given us the responsibility to have.


2 responses to “A week’s worth of groceries

  1. I’ve seen those pictures before and you’re right, it does put the abundance we have in perspective. I get so frustrated every time we throw out leftovers. You are right, it is one step at a time and sometimes a step backwards but thankful the Lord continues to remind us and teach and provide wisdom through others. I am so thankful for the wisdom of others that have helped me see a different perspective even though I didn’t want to see it at first. 🙂 This morning I prayed for your family and what I prayed was that the Lord would give you the next step of whatever He’s calling you to do and the strength to take it. Not sure if that relates to this or not but He’s so faithful and I know He will lead you to do what He desires to benefit His kingdom.

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