Fun with friends

A little glimpse into our life of friend-sitting and zoo excursions:

fun with friends 001Dress up!

fun with friends 013

Watching our new sidewalk getting worked on

fun with friends 002

Eating a snack…

fun with friends 006

And washing up together!

fun with friends 014  Staying safe at the zoofun with friends 033

And spending time with a long-time friend, Kim!

I realize Sullivan and Joel did not make an appearance in the ‘Fun with Friends’ post…Note that that Joel does, in fact, have friends…but they don’t often take the camera with them to pose for pictures 🙂 And when the camera is there, Joel takes pictures of his wife and her friend 🙂  Also, Sully will be featured in some upcoming posts…and is kind of too little to differentiate too much to have friends.  Though I know that his BEST friend is his big sister 🙂


2 responses to “Fun with friends

  1. Of course Conner is the one playing dress up…in a dress. That probably makes you guys some of his favorite people 🙂

  2. Um, I apologize for the stinkeye Leo is giving Mylin in that picture. 🙂

    Love you guys!

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