Bedtime manipulations

A few nights ago, our sweet, almost 3 year old was using her standard manipulation tactics to forego sleeping.

fun with friends 012A not-so-magical mother’s day picture 🙂

After asking for a drink, to poop, to blow her nose, and who knows what else, she comes into our room to find us watching something on the computer.  I was sitting on Joel’s lap on the computer chair and this is what she said:

“You guys are cute.”

We said: “Mylin, why are you up?”

Mylin replied: “Well, my hair is in my eyes.  You guys are cute.”  And back to bed she went.


This past week, when Joel came to the door (we put the gate back up since she needs smaller boundaries again!) because she was awake she said, “Daddy, do you have three nipples?”

It was ALL we could do to keep from laughing!

She is enthralled by a large mole Joel has under his arm and often confuses it with his nipples 🙂


What hilarious things have come out of your toddler’s mouths lately?!?!

2 responses to “Bedtime manipulations

  1. hilarious!!!

  2. Oh my, I can just hear her sweet little voice saying this. At least they are cute doing it and you can laugh when they are out of sight! I love it that the boys still say funny things. I’ll have to tell you about the conversation the boys were having about how the baby will be coming out. It was pretty funny!

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