Reasons I love my husband of five years:

5. He’s adventurous

(cut to him in the woods in Northern Michigan later this month searching and hiking and praying to find these…not to mention being married to me and the father of our children would pretty much qualify as an adventure in itself)

4. He has a teachable heart

(He’s been involved in some serious men’s ministry at our faith community the past two years.  It has changed him, our marriage, and our lives.  To learn more, check out Men’s Fraternity HERE…oh, and also he reads all the time – about becoming a better dad, or husband, orphanages in China, and even Jen Hatmaker’s, 7! I even got him addicted to listening to Andy Stanley sermons)

3. He is in love with our kids700_5005-Edit-Edit-Edit

2. He’s my best friend

(I seriously tell him regularly how awesome he is for enduring me this long – I think I could be exhausting and overwhelming to anyone who didn’t love me like he does)

1. He’s crazy about Jesus

(I am the absolute luckiest to have him as a husband. Period.)

Happy 5th Anniversary, Baby!

I love you!

(Hope to get a picture of us celebrating this year – but until this afternoon he’s in Oklahoma for work 😦 Maybe by this weekend!)

(catch up on our 4th anniversary, 3rd anniversary, and 2nd anniversary)


4 responses to “FIVE

  1. Happy Anniversary. Sad for you that you can’t be together. Love the post!

  2. Happy Anniversary 🙂

  3. Happy 5th Anniversary!!! 😀

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