I’m reading Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working by Craig Groeschel

It’s all about taking the narrow road

Look around…does your life look like your neighbor’s? Your family’s? Your friend’s?

If it does – chances are you are not on the narrow road that Jesus calls us too…

This is a huge wake-up call to us.

For the month of May, Joel and I are going to spend much time in specific prayer over how to pursue the narrow road and surrender our home, family, and life to bringing God glory by loving our neighbors

Anyways – the goal of this post was to write out some excerpts from this book’s section on ‘Giving’

In the chaper labeled ‘A generous eye’ Craig talks about 3 ways of giving:

1. Spontaneous giving – when you see a need, you fill it. It’s ‘not a deliberate lifestyle commitment, only a reaction, and often an emotional one at that – compassion for the homeless person, guilt over the unused car in your garage.  Again not a bad thing – but simply not enough to cultivate a consistent generous vision.’

2. Strategic giving – They’re intention.  They think it through.’ They’re tithers.  They realize: ‘Giving is not something we do; generous is who we are.  True to God’s promise, when we commit to giving consistently, we grow closer to him and see his purposes with new eyes.’

3. Sacrificial giving – ‘They don’t just believe that the things of this world don’t matter; they completely live that way.;;  The more we have, the greater the responsibility and opportunity – to be a blessing.’

What do you think?

What is God stirring in your heart in the way of giving and generosity?!


2 responses to “Giving

  1. Oh my word, God recently totally just blew us away in regards to this concept. I never know how much to share because scripture talks about how we are to do our giving in secret yet this story is so encouraging that I want to give Him glory but also do it in a way that doesn’t bring glory to us. So, here goes and hopefully this is all about what God is doing and not us! For several years God has called us to extra giving and that looks different as He calls. This year we really felt we were suppose to be financially supporting a pregnant mom. Since I can go to the doctor and pay for whatever we need regarding our pregnancy (or anything for that matter) we need to extend the same to someone who cannot. We had no idea if we were to support a U.S. mom or someone overseas. We felt this calling shortly after getting pregnant so we’d been “waiting” for several months but just didn’t see the need. We KNOW there is a need, we just didn’t know where the Lord wanted us to fill the need. Finally I prayed, “Lord, there is money sitting in our account just waiting to be given away but I have NO IDEA where it’s suppose to go. Please make the need available to us.” A week later a gal in the Bible study I was in felt the Lord telling her to share about her upcoming mission trip….a mission trip that would be working with pregnant women in Haiti to develop a program that would allow them prenatal care, classes, a midwife at birth, meals after baby was born. It was all I could do to not say anything right then! I wanted to say, “This is an answer to a prayer I just prayed!!!” However, I wanted to talk it over with Jeff to make sure he felt this was what the Lord was calling us to do. We looked into it more and was able to support more women than I dreamed we would be able to support when we first started praying. I’m hoping to stay in contact with this organization to see how things progress and how we can continue to support the ministry as God lays it on our heart.

    So, what do we think?? We think it’s an incredible way to trust the Lord and ask Him how to show you to give generously/sacrificially. The more we give away, the more He gives us to continue to give away. The book that inspired and spoke to us about this several years ago is called The Blessed Life by Robert Morris. We definitely still have more stretching to do in this area but so glad the Lord grabbed our heart and started His work on it in this area.

  2. As always, thank you for your comment and story, Leslie! So encouraging 🙂

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