April’s challenge: marriage

Similar to February’s Clothing Challenge and March’s Food failure Challenge – April was a challenge month for us too

April was all about concentrating on MARRIAGE

We had many goals for this – not all that I will share on here 🙂

But they had to do with connecting intimately in all aspects of our marriage – mentally, spiritually, intellectually, emotionally, sexually, and more

We read this book together throughout the month – which gave us permission to communicate in some areas that get neglected

Plus so many other things – like specifically praying for each other in certain ways, reading scripture together, memorizing scripture…etc…

We also went on weekly dates – something I would seriously consider scheduling forever!

It was SO great to know that each Wednesday I had a few hours alone with Joel to casually enjoy dinner and talk about anything or nothing

PLUS our kids got extra time to hang out with Aunt Roni – everybody wins!


This month taught me that while I don’t know that I could say I love Joel MORE than our kids (it’s equal…and different) I definitely loved him FIRST – and so we have realized that we have to keep our marriage a FIRST priority (underneath our personal relationships and growth in Christ)

With young kids like we have….and may always have…it is so easy to be consumed by them and give them all my attention and energy

This isn’t fair to my husband, our marriage, or even our children!

Watching and realizing how big of a priority our marriage is in our family gives our children security

We want their view of marriage to be real, healthy, vulnerable, and dependable for when they choose that in their own lives

And frankly…I loved Joel so much I was absolutely crazy in every way – I couldn’t wait to be his wife!

I need to daily rediscover and remind myself of that – to continue being crazy for him and excited to be married to him!


For the month of May we are doing a PRAYER CHALLENGE

Rest in the LORD for a minute and reflect on what area in your life you feel Him tugging on your heart

And I’m talking about something HUGE and RADICAL and WEIRD

Like foster care or adoption or missions or inviting your neighbors over for dinner once a week or changing your job for the sake of time with your family or moving to a trailer park to live debt free and and be a missionary in your own town…

Something that probably will make you uncomfortable but is ABSOLUTELY in the center of God’s Will:

“Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself
from being polluted by the world.”

-James 1:27

Plain, simple, univeral definition.


So…what marriage tips do you have to share?!

Will you be joining us on this prayer challenge?


One response to “April’s challenge: marriage

  1. Love this challenge and would enjoy chatting more about it in person sometime!

    (also, while you are praying each day for where God is leading you, I’ll be making a list of meals you can make for the “inviting your neighbors over for dinner” thing 😉 )

    No, seriously, I love your heart and love learning from you!

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