First world problems

I don’t know why this is on my mind today…but I wanted to share

In my small group at Mom Life (a local MOPS-type group) our mentor challenged us on our ‘first world’ thinking last semester

Some examples go like this:

My dishwasher is broke

I don’t have gas in my lawnmower

Our kids may have to share a bedroom

We can’t decide where to go out to eat

I ran out of hangers for all my clothes in my closet

Our internet is down

My cell phone died and I don’t have my charger with me

My toilet needs to be cleaned


Lately we’ve been trying to change the way we pray, too.

Instead of asking, “God, will you bless this situation?”

We’re asking, “God, reveal to us the blessing in this situation.”


Trying Deciding to move the focus of our thoughts, decisions, time management, and possessions (and so much more) OFF of us and ONTO how God has intended them to be used for HIS glory is H.A.R.D.

And the fact that it is so hard is:



and an excuse we use to continue sinning


God, we thank you for water to be able to wash the dishes that we use to eat on the abundance of food that is available to us.  Continue giving us opportunities to invite friends, neighbors, and even enemies into our YOUR home so that You can be glorified through shared meals, prayer for one another, fellowship, and accountability.  Use our thoughts and words to magnify You, and not us.  Get me out of your way.


3 responses to “First world problems

  1. Great post! It is sooo hard to have a “I am not my own” mentality (Ro 12:1-3).

  2. …yes I did mean Ro 12:1-3 🙂 I thought about it later that “I am not my own” is in 1 Cor 6:19-20. But I always think of that with Ro 12 – being a sacrifice. 🙂

  3. great post. Love these thoughts, Rachel!

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