Baby boy is becoming little man

Our sweet littl man is turning into such a big boy!

At 10 months old he is getting so active crawling around and pulling himself up on everything!  His drool is a spout that cannot be turned off, but his huge sweet smile offsets the mess 🙂

It’s unbelievable that he keeps getting sweeter every day – we are so thankful for our son, Sully!

I’ve captured some of his favorite things to do this Spring – many (if not all) of them involving his sister’s girly-pink toys 🙂

April showers 065 April showers 066First time sitting at the tea party by himself

April showers 064Playing with the hula hoop on the deck in the intense humidity last week!

April showers 063Yay family bike rides! (featuring his FAVORITE toy – the pink butterfly wand-rattle)

April showers 009Pantsless Mylin is mimicking Daddy with her babydoll, “Rudy”

April showers 013

You will commonly find him with any of these three situations going on…1) crawling around with the pretend cleaning supplies, 2) playing with the magnadoodle board, 3) missing a sock. April showers 016We play on the stairs A LOT during the day – throwing a ‘jingle ball’ up and down, sitting and reading together, or Mylin trying to teach Sully how to climb all the way up 🙂 (Thanks, Deacon, for that new trick!)

April showers 058We just discovered how much Sully LOVES the baby swing.  When Mylin was his age and even up until this summer we could barely get her to sit in there through 4 verses of ‘Old McDonald,’ but this little man contentedly sat (with the pink butterfly wand-rattle…) for 45 minutes before I was finally bored and got him out!  April showers 060The tongue sticking out helps his ability to climb and stand 🙂


2 responses to “Baby boy is becoming little man

  1. ahh!! He is just so stinkin CUTE!!!

  2. Precious! I know it goes so fast!

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