Homeschool Convention recap #2

Did you catch my first recap from the Homeschool Convention?

Here’s Part 2

A speaker I went to for 2 different sessions was Ruth Schwenk, the creater of The Better Mom (my favorite blog!)

Her whole topic for the day was called Making it as a Mom and again I’ll just transfer my notes on here to share with you her questions and challenges for us as moms!

Part 1: Looking In

A mom who embraces the call from God as a mom will flourish

Where is your heart as a mom? Are you awake to the mission God has called you to as a mom? Ephesians 5:14-16

1. Don’t minimize your role

Being a mom is not less than anything else.

Being a mom isn’t about your place in life, it’s about your purpose in life

The man Moses would become was shaped by the parent Moses’ mom had been.  Exodus 1:15-18 & Hebrews 11:23-27

Brick by brick we (moms/parents) are building an estate.

2. Don’t misuse your time

Learn how to say ‘no’ (they you’ll be able to say ‘yes’ to your family!)

Once you accept the ministry that God has given you as your first priority, there is freedom

Set your priorities: what is my personal vision?  If I don’t have integrity at home, how can I in my ministry?

Create a schedule

Be able to relinquish the fact that you’re a night owl for what is best for your family and yourself (Personally, I need to do this! In Christian Atheist by Craig Groeschel, he talks about how is wife just began praying each day that God would help her get up early each morning to start her day.  And through her faithful prayer, God changed her!)

3. Don’t miss the point

Our mission and calling as moms is to raise and release children who, like everyone else in God’s story, are called to glorify God.

Psalm 127: children are a reward, a payment that should be received joyfully!

Children are arrows: wherever they land, they wound the enemy.

1 Corinthians 15:58

By changing myself, I am impacting my children.

Am I lifting my head to the mission God has called me to?

Part 2: Looking Out (to our family)


What are we aiming at?

If you do not set a mission, values, and a priority for your family, the world will.

Ruth then shared her family’s mission statement, values (a list kind of like the fruits of the spirit), and their family verse.  Joel and I discussed this on the way home and are so excited to define all of these for our family and then post them in our house – I’ll also post them in an upcoming blog!  What is your family’s mission statement and verse?!

Counting the Cost

Motherhood as a mission filed: lay yourself down.  Die to self.  “Gain that which you cannot lose in them” (a quote from a contributor on The Better Mom blog)

Our actions must confrim the words: “I love you”

Be intentional, face-t0-face, enjoy them, speak words of life over them

Consistent Training

It is only by God’s grace that our children turn out at all!  And only His grace turns them out – not our best intentions

She suggested the book Heartfelt Discipline by Clay Clarkson and the website

Continual Teaching

It is imperative as a parent that we are intentional about teaching our children the truth as God’s Word, healping them become rooted in their faith

Bottom line: raise up disciples (flashback to what John Rosemond said in Part 1 of our homeschool recap!)

“I will forsake the good to have time for the best”

Thoughts on this recap?!


4 responses to “Homeschool Convention recap #2

  1. Rachel,
    WOW! So much to process!

    I love the encouragement and validation as a Mother. How often do we “simplify” our role as Mothers? While I know the importance of my calling…. do I deeply believe it, live it and hold on to it as truth. I love the phrase “estate builder.” I am aiding in the construction of the kingdom. Why do I diminish the importance of that? EVER?!

    “If you do not set a mission, values and priorities for your family, the world will.”
    YIKES! Our mission statement has been sitting in the works for 3 years…. way to be intentional, right? Thanks for the nudge to be prayerful about this again.

    “Our best intentions will get us no where…. only God’s grace” What freedom we should find in that! I focus on my works, effort and “duty” far to often to accept the grace God is giving me in my purpose as a Mother. This brought tears to my eyes. My God is gracious…. and he designed me for this role. Embrace this!

    So many great one-liners to deeply convict!

    Thanks for sharing, Rachel!

  2. Die to self– what a great way to look at “sacrifice.” Its not about me and its really not so much about my kids as it is about serving God. Perfect reminder for me today!

  3. I can definitely relate to accepting God’s mission that our family is our first ministry and how it can change everything. For some reason I always fought this, knowing it, but not truly embracing it until the Lord made it clear He wanted to expand our family and this was his purpose for me. Because I “knew” it, there was always a struggle of wanting to do something else verses knowing I should want to just be at home. When I finally embraced it, the struggles left and I can still enjoy ministry that compliments my family. I could type out more about this but definitely understand what she is saying by that statement. There is such freedom when I look only to what the Lord desires from me. For me, I think its important for me to remember that ministry outside of home will look so different for each woman and I cannot judge someone else who has a different calling than me. I use to look too much to what everyone else was doing to justify what I should or should not be doing. Now just looking to the Lord for that vision has been so freeing!

    • Leslie,
      I would encourage you to feel some freedom in the thought that you ‘should want to just be at home.’ Fully embracing God’s calling doesn’t mean that we will ‘want’ it or that the peace we have in obedience is equated to any (postive) feeling. It is a choice – not an emotion. Don’t put any more pressure on yourself – as moms, we have enough!
      Also, Andy Stanley has A GREAT series called ‘The Comparison Trap’. You can find it on his site, North Point, and search in the Recent Archives – it’s about a year old, I think.
      Thanks for sharing!

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