“Hello, again.”


Do you like my hat?

I do not like it.


Any Go Dog Go fans?!



After a few weeks of feeling like I had nothing blog-worthy to say, I’m going to snap back to it with a new approach!

For now, I’m going to try to post once a week and keep it simple πŸ™‚


I totally fell for all the hype and just signed up forΒ StitchFix today!

I am SO excited to get this started!

Have any of you done it?!

What have you heard about it?!

My TheBetterMom blog email was about it today and that is the third or fourth time I’ve read about it so I thought it surely is harmless to try!


I’ll keep you posted on my first package I receive…once I’m off the waiting list!


4 responses to ““Hello, again.”

  1. Never heard of it but sounds fun! Maybe something fun to try once baby is here and I’m back to my regular size. πŸ™‚

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing what you get in the mail:) I think it sounds like a lot of fun, too.
    I’ve missed your posts!

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