So this food fast has been ridiculous

I could go into all the details of why, but then I’d be continuing to take the focus off of God and I can’t keep getting stuck in the trap that Katie from CardiganWay describes on LifeWay today.

So I’m going to keep this one simple w/a brief update and a longer re-focusing proposal

10 days.

That’s how long I lasted eating only 10 foods.

Because of digestion issues, obsession over food, and realizing I had not ushered anymore of God into the void that I had made from food.

My intentions were good…but the result was ugly


So, here we are – 4 days later from the switch and our focus is clearer and more Christ-like

We are now tracking all of our eating and exercise on Myfitnesspal.com

We are discussing the importance of exercise in our weekly and daily life – not only for our physical health, but our mental and emotional health as well

We are still fasting from some foods (desserts and coffee) . . . but not all of them!

Most importantly, we are memorizing the WORD

Phillipians 4:8

1 Peter 1:13-16

1 Timothy 4:7-8

The Fruits of the Spirit

The Armor of God

Romans 12:18

(just to name a few to encourage you to join with us!)

And we are spending a lot of time talking

We’re in preparation for doing a Marriage Challenge next (the month of April)

We want to take back our intentions to becoming more like Christ from  “a feat to conquer, a hill that I climb up, determined to stake my flag at its pinnacle,” as Katie so eloquently stated earlier today


If you haven’t left because of my annoying posts and reposts about those 10 dang foods, THANK YOU, for sticking around 🙂

I ask for your grace and forgiveness as we try to pull ourselves out of the mud that we’ve allowed these good intentions to dissolve into


2 responses to “Whoops.

  1. aww, I love your honesty! I think you are wise 🙂

  2. remember how my dad accidentally threw away my cookies last week.
    well, I was very busy cleaning today and did not feel like stopping to make my kids lunch. I loaded them in the car to take them to get something from mcdonalds (because that’s faster?) and, honest to God, my car would not start.
    Back to the house we went to have our grilled cheese sandwiches, fruit and carrot sticks.

    You’d think I’d learn.

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