Around the house…

In our house this winter we’ve been stuck inside because of cold temperatures and lots of snow and rain – which makes for some stir-crazy feelings for mommy!

But not for these beautiful babes – just getting their pictures taken keep them happy 🙂


winter 2012 001

winter 2012 002

winter 2012 003

winter 2012 013

winter 2012 014

winter 2012 015

And when we get REALLY bored we make this design…

winter 2012 016

Out of everything that was previously housed here:

winter 2012 017

And once in awhile I go to put Sully in his carseat to find out it is already occupied by Rudy and his ‘toys’…

winter 2012 018



What happens around your house?!


One response to “Around the house…

  1. Awesome pictures, babe! I had not seen those yet. It brightens up my afternoon to read your blog posts.

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