The Food Challenge

So we’re wrapping up February and the Clothes Challenge!

I’ll have 1 more post at the end of this month by a Guest (my friend Sarah) and a GIVEAWAY!

Check back on Thursday 🙂


Before we wrap up the clothes, I want to prepare us for March’s FOOD CHALLENGE

This month’s challenge can look any way you want…fasting from a particular food, type of food, way of spending ON food…or being more intentional about what you are purchasing or what you are eating

My sweet, spectacular husband and I are going to be choosing 10 food items to eat from for the month of March

Here is our unofficial list:





peanut butter






What do you think?!

I’m still trying to figure out our ‘freebie’ list…

It will include salt, pepper, and olive oil…but still deciding if including salad dressing or vinegar is acceptable…plus juice for smoothies and milk for every day consumption

Thoughts? Feedback?

We also have a few situations where we may momentarily stray from our foods…but I have my gals giving me feedback on those circumstances and then I’ll reveal them to you for your judgment thoughts and views

Prayer request for this month: THIS IS GOING TO BE HARD.

You’re reading a blog from a gal who LOVES her sweets.

Since Novemeber I have uncovered an obsession love for baking…to accompany my long-time friend of over-indulgence enjoying desserts 🙂

So pray that I don’t crash and burn daily with this challenge.

After considering my list, however, I realized that I will be able to enjoy me some homemade peanut butter banana ice cream! I think I may be able to survive…


So – who’s with me?!

What will your challenge be?!

What do you think of our list of foods?!

I’m really excited to see what God does in my heart this month…coupled w/the groundwork he’s laid during the clothes challenge and the scripture memorization we are challenging ourselves w/in Late Night Girls Bible Study – it is bound to be a gloriously difficult month of growth!



5 responses to “The Food Challenge

  1. I say do a salad dressing but maybe make one so that it’s not filled with junk and sugar. I have a feeling you’ll have a new appreciation for whole foods after this. I remember thinking real food tastes really good without the processed stuff and sugar changing the way I taste things. I’d say stick to drinking water only but that’s the health nut in me saying to skip the juice and milk so do whatever you feel led. 🙂 I am going back to my limited diet of being wheat and sugar free (except a few occasions coming up such as bday parties and weddings) but as far as what I eat at home or what I order out I’m going to stick to eating healthier for me and baby which really doesn’t have anything to do with challenging myself but more for our overall well being so that may not really count for what you are doing. I want to get back to the diet that gave me energy and allowed me to feel good.

  2. Also, quick follow-up….I’m excited to hear what the Lord does in your heart in regards to food. I had no idea I would learn so much from fasting from certain foods and it was HARD at times but so glad I did it and what it taught me from a spiritual perspective. 🙂

  3. Smoothies with water are good! And you could make a dressing with olive oil, a little lemon juice, and some seasonings (are seasonings allowed?). Also, is garlic free?

    Yessss pb banana ice cream! Let’s make that!

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  5. This is so interesting, Rachel. Keep the updates and encouragement coming! 🙂

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