Reflection on what we worship

What do we worship?

This month’s challenge has been so revealing…

I have 71 articles of clothes hanging in MY part of our closet

And 14 pairs of pants and shorts

7 ‘pajama’ pieces

17 folded t-shirts

12 pairs of shoes/boots/tennies

8 pairs of sandals

and an entire 5 drawer dresser full of undergarments, and workout clothes

40 pairs of earrings + 33 other accessories

And I didn’t get out my box from under the bed to count the clothes that are only ‘summer’ worthy



We’re talking close to 300 THINGS that I own (or do they own me?!) to cover myself with and in

That’s not to count that since I read 7 by Jen Hatmaker in October I have probably halved a wardrobe that I naturally am constantly reducing…

I wish I had a tally of what has cycled in and out of my closet in the last nearly 5 years since I’ve lived here…of how many articles I have mindlessly spent money on to wear/use for such a short period of time

So, while I can say that this challenge hasn’t been difficult to actually pull off…it has certainly been mind-altering and life-changing

Please, God, let it continue to change my life!  Do not let me return to impulse-online-shopping…to finding my worth in adorning myself to impress others…or to cover up the ugliness that is really in my heart – not on my skin

Transform me.

Watch this music video by Jimmy Needham – Clear the Stage (Thanks, Rachel, for sharing this!)


One response to “Reflection on what we worship

  1. You’ve inspired me to start cleaning out my closet a bit! I gave my sister in law a few things the other weekend and have a few more for her.

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