8 months and 92 years

This past weekend, Sully turned 8 months old!


He likes to cover a room by rolling and scooting backwards, and as of Sunday – he can pull himself forwards now! (uh. oh. now is when they can learn how to ‘hide’, but haven’t learned how to tell us where they are yet!)

He has 6 big white shiny teeth in his enormous-straight-across-his-face smile that looks so much like his daddy and also a bit like his Uncle Adam (so my mother tells me…)

He enjoys randomly shrieking to both surprise himself and also get our attention (which is immediately followed by above stated ridiculous grin)

He LOVES his big sister and his dog, Eme (they both smother him in kisses from time to time)

He is precious, predictable, and such a joy in our lives – I can hardly remember life without – and definitely can’t imagine it!

A new friend he (and we) has made is our neighbor, Virginia

Virginia 001

She’s 92, feisty, adventurous, generous, thankful, independent, and thoughtful

We absolutely LOVE visiting with her and listening to her stories of traveling all over the world, hearing about her favorite biographies, and how she used to swoon over Gary Cooper when they regularly saw him when she lived in California 🙂

She is an absolute treasure and we’re so thankful to God that she is our neighbor and we’ve been put in each other’s lives!

2 responses to “8 months and 92 years

  1. Look at what a chunk he is! And such a precious picture of him and Virginia.

  2. That picture of Sully and Virginia is just the cutest!!!

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